Thursday, July 24, 2008

Home again

My days of looking after Millie have ended and I arrived back in Devon this afternoon. It has been wonderful to spend so much time with her and I hope she will remember what fun we had together when she comes to visit next month.

I have a week to catch up with my own housework, preparations for a host of visitors in August as well as putting the final touches to the planning for my summer camp. I have finished reading and making notes on two books and hope to get at least one of the reviews up tomorrow. But for now, I'm looking through the pictures I took of Millie and feeling very far from London.


  1. Millie looks sad to see you go as well. She really is so cute!

  2. Ah, the dilemma of photographs, M - always something there to remind us. I am sure Millie has already started making her very own list of 'All the things I love about my grandma.'

  3. She has already packed her little case to bring down to Devon!

  4. Pity that her parents foiled my cunning plan to bring Millie back with me. I'm counting the days to her next visit.


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