Monday, July 21, 2008

Cooking challenge

I am considered to be a pretty good cook by my family and friends but I am seriously challenged to think of appetising, nutritious, low-fat vegetarian recipes at present. It doesn't help that I'm away from my own kitchen, garden, utensils and beloved Aga; that I have a baby tucked under one arm for most of the time and that my veggie daughter is still waiting to have her gall bladder removed and has to avoid fats.

We have had lots of salads and stir-fries. A glut of broad beans has provided interesting colour and texture in salads and rice dishes but it has been far from easy preparing them with Millie's 'help'. Now, with only three days left before I go home, I'm scratching my head and wondering what to do next. I would really like to do something special for tomorrow evening as it is daughter and son-in-law's second wedding anniversary. We have lots of seasonal vegetables in the garden and fridge, some tofu and all the usual herbs and spices. Millie and I can also take our morning walk in the direction of Waitrose, so, if anyone has a festive but 'safe' recipe for me to try, I will be very grateful.

Like my food preparation time, my blogging time is strictly limited by Millie's demands. I thought I might get away with catching up on all my favourite sites now but, just a fw lines scribbled and she is screaming 'Come and get me, Grandma.' Off I go..............


  1. My husband makes a pretty good spinach or zucchini lasagna using low fat ricotta and part-skim milk mozzarella.

    Both my parents had gall bladder problems and each eventually had them taken out. I remember they were told to avoid fresh vegetables, IIRC especially celery.

  2. Of course, I mean avoid raw vegetables. Eating unfresh vegetables is contra-indicated.

  3. The lasagne sounds good, e, and thanks for the tip about vegetables. My daughter virtually lives on them, so I will warn her that they might have an adverse effect.

  4. Hello, M. You could try this blog/website:
    It's American so some of the names of ingredients are different (eg cilantro= coriander and imperial rather than metric measures) but it's very well presented with food values given for each recipe.

    Useful gall bladder diet here:
    This lists all the things Tanith can eat (more positive and more useful than a list of things she can't!)

    And a fat-restricted diet (for people with gall bladder disease here):

    I'm e-mailing you my low-fat never-fail quinoa recipe, very tasty and highly nutritious!

  5. Thank you, D. I can see I'm going to be busy but it will be good to giveTanith some encouraging news. I'll explore some of those sites and do a shopping list.


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