Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Pig collection#1

I have always loved pigs - the real thing, pottery, porcelain, wooden, fluffy toy pigs, pig poems, pig stories, sausages and bacon! At one time there were about 400 pigs in our collection but we gave a lot away when we moved from our house in Hampshire to this Devonshire cottage. I wanted to call the cottage 'Piggery Porcombe', like the farm where Miss Porcas and Miss Dorcas lived in The Tale of Little Pig Robinson but the family wouldn't have it.
I kept all the pigs with special memories or associations and I'll do a 'pig post' from time to time.

These velveteen pigs are 35 years old, bought in Wales when we were on honeymoon. I wish I had aged so well!
This is a Sussex Pig from the Rye Pottery probably bought in 1974 or '75
His head can be removed to be used as a cup, although I haven't made use of this facility. I think he looks better with his head on his shoulders.
There is an interesting anecdote attached to this little pig band. When my husband was a young officer in the merchant navy, he became an apprentice in the Honourable Company of Master Mariners. His master was a retired captain who became a close friend as well as mentor. In later years, he welcomed me into his home too, and he would show me photograph albums and scrapbooks from his childhood on the Isle of Wight in the 1890s. He claimed to be an illegitimate son of Edward, Prince of Wales, who went on to become King Edward V11. The photographs showed his mother to be a very beautiful young woman, living in obvious luxury on the island. He had a number of postcards and notes with enigmatic messages which may or may not have come from HRH. One photograph was taken on his fifth birthday; there was a splendid cake, sent from Fortnum and Mason and the little pig figures were on the top. He left me the pigs in his will.

This is a piece of Copenhagen porcelain, brought back by the MM from one of his trips to Denmark.

This model is called Ecstasy. Both pig and farmer look as if they've been at the cider jar.


  1. Fascinating post and adorable pigs(and not a speck of dust in sight, you domestic goddess, you!) Must show my Boy this post tomorrow - he will be deeply envious. I can see there's no danger that Millie will fail to be introduced to Wibbly Pig and his friends at an early age!

  2. Feather flick ever at the ready, J! I'm on the lookout for Wibbly Pig, he couldn't have been around when my children were small. Please tell your Boy that I dedicate this post and any subsequent piggy tales to him and his Tamworths.

  3. Hi Domestic Artiste! I'll tell the Boy - he will be deeply honoured. Here's Wibbly - he's absolutely wonderful: https://www.bookrabbit.com/search/books?new_search=true&page=1&search_text=wibbly+pig&search_action=books&x=15&y=15 . In fact I think I can feel a Wibbly Post coming on over at Musings!

  4. PS - Boy just had a look and loved them - especially the Rye pig with the removable head!

  5. They all look like 'Pigs in Clover' to me . . .

  6. I, too, like pigs and have a Royal Copenhagen pig very similar to yours! It was a Christmas present from my mother in the late 1970s/early 1980s.
    Margaret Powling

  7. Wonderful collection of pigs! I like the cup pig best but they are all wonderful - thanks for sharing : ) M

  8. Margaret P (aka Galant) sent me a picture of her Copenhagen pig which looks as if it might be the younger sibling of mine - much slimmer and more elegant!

    M, the Sussex Pig is a real conversation piece when we have visitors. I'm amazed it has survived totally unscathed after all the little hands that have played with it.

  9. Just found your article by accident :)

    I have a huge pig collection as well (around 200 items at least), but I am running out of space in my new flat, therefore I have decided to sell at least some of them.

    Would you be interested in any pig items? Please, get back in touch with me at anitak@inbox.lv in case if interested :)


  10. It's better than a novel reading through all your entries and Im loving every single one of them.
    The famous pig collection is one of my most treasured memories as a little girl. I seem to remember them being everywhere. I also remember Angela and I trying to count them all one very rainy afternoon at Chelmsford road....and giving up. And I dont know if you noticed what was in the display cabinet at Aunty Kay's house. The gift you both gave to me for being one of your bridesmaids, of the little glass pig inside another little glass pig. Still in its presentation box. I dont have it with me as Im terrified of breaking it and thought Aunty K was far more responsible to take care of it for now :-)

  11. Jaki - Uncle N had those pigs made especially for you and Angela, it is lovely that you have treasured them. We gave away a great many of the pigs we had in Portsmouth as we simply couldn't display them here. There didn't seem to be any point in keeping them in boxes in the loft.

    I'm glad you are enjoying my ramblings. Have you come across any pictures of your little self yet?

  12. Anita
    That is a kind offer but I'm afraid that my little cottage will not hold any more pigs.


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