Thursday, March 06, 2008

The waiting game

I've had a busy week with my daughter, doing all the necessary last minute things before the baby arrives. We've been shopping in Oxford Street and had our hair styled in West Hampstead, so we are ready for the photographs when baby puts in an appearance. S/he is looking pretty settled and unwilling to face the cold March winds though, so Tanith and I have been taking long, brisk walks but so far baby is staying put. Old wives' tales, myths, legends, spells and potions guaranteed to induce labour, all gratefully received.

Back soon with real news, I hope!


  1. Hooray - lovely to hear from you! Hope all goes well. At least it will be a Good Hair experience all round!

    No useful advice, I'm afraid. #1 was very late and finally induced (and still v reluctant indeed); #2 and #3 were sections. Would strongly recommend NOT doing all that down-on-all-fours cleaning of skirting boards malarkey that a lot of people suggest, however - I did something similar with #2 when he was over a week late and he did a summersault, dislodged from his happy head-down engaged position and ended up in transverse lie! (Oh, hot curry is supposed to do wonders for bringing it all on - a friend with 6 children swears by it!)

  2. Well, what a lovely suprise to see a new posting. Just emailed Brit and bemoaned the fact that there is no Random Distractions to distract me! Knowing something of this baby's antecedents, I would say that it will come when it will come.

  3. Are you still going for those bracing walks M?

    My daughter was two weeks late and the wrong way round - not a breech, what they call in the profession a POP delivery, which took four days from start to finish. A prolonged but dramatic entrance, in every sense (and she's had a problem with punctuality ever since). But it was the '60s and I guess it wouldn't happen now; mothers seem to be in and out of the maternity ward in about five minutes ...

    At least you are managing to have some precious time with your daughter before her life changes for ever (in the best possible way).

    Looking forward to seeing you in your new role and with your new haircut! Grannies rule OK ...

  4. Nice to see you posting but sorry you're still waiting. It'll be worth it though. They used to say that going for a bit of a bumpy ride in a car will encourage a baby to make an appearance. I can say from experience that it doesn't work though. Enjoy the time with your daughter before things get too hectic. :-)


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