Saturday, March 01, 2008

Off to London again

Tomorrow I will be going to London to stay with my daughter and son-in-law, hoping to be useful in the final week or so before the arrival of their first baby, our first grandchild. I am trying very hard to remain calm and sensible but the excitement is mounting. I've been rummaging through boxes and drawers, finding baby sheets and blankets I couldn't bear to part with from my own days of early motherhood.

I don't know if today's babies wear hand knitted clothes any more but I'm doing my bit anyway. That's what grandmas do, isn't it? I used the left over wool from the little jacket I pictured in this post to make another, less complicated one.

I am now knitting a hooded blanket, shown here on the cover of the Debbie Bliss baby knits book. I've had enough of yellow wool, though, so I'm using this pretty apricot yarn.

I don't know when I'll be back. The baby is due around March 11 but who knows?


  1. Enjoy it. You're in for the happiest ride of your lifetime!

  2. Well this will certainly be a visit like no other M! Hope all goes well. Will be thinking of you all especially Tanith. Happy landings to the about-to-be new member of the family.

  3. Go well, and with crates of love!

  4. How exciting, M! Will be thinking of you and your daughter and looking forward to hearing the great news. Knitting like mad will stop you pacing up and down too much! (Also selfishly hoping - on behalf of all your devoted readers - that the distractions of being a grandmother won't curtail your Random postings too severely.) Jxx

  5. Thank you all!
    I'm looking forward to the happy ride, e, but confess to being rather anxious as well.

    I've packed lots of knitting to keep me from chewing my fingernails, J.

    I like the idea of 'happy landings', D - if all goes to plan it could be a big splash, as a water birth is at the top of the wish list.

    I'll give Tanith your crates of love, Crinny, and call you as soon as there is news. We'll be expecting our own Boudicca to get through with great determination. Do you think she would kill me if i were to show THAT picture?

    Love to you all, I'll try to keep you posted. M XXXXX

  6. Hope all goes well - there's nothing like becoming a grandma for the first time. Travel safely.


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