Monday, March 24, 2008

The No 1 Ladies' Detective Agency

What a way to brighten a cold and miserable holiday! For two hours last night, we were transported to Botswana to meet the characters from Alexander McCall Smith's books in the flesh.

I suppose we all knew that we were safe in the hands of Richard Curtiss and Anthony Minghella and that AMS had given his seal of approval to the production but I hadn't really expected it to be SO good. Jill Scott was perfect as Precious Ramotswe. I hope that the promised 13-week series of the rest of the books goes ahead despite the untimely death of Anthony Minghella and that the same authentic setting and great character actors will be used.

If the promised adaptation of the Palliser novels is as good as this, we are in for some very good viewing this year.


  1. I agree absolutely, M. It was faultless. It captured the ambience of the books exactly and added bucketloads of value on top. Visually sumptuous, brilliantly cast and acted; script, soundtrack and location perfectly judged. After all my reservations and disappointment over recent TV adaptations of much-loved books I'm delighted to have the opportunity for a bit of 100% unreserved and wholehearted gushing over this one! Loved it.

    Minghella will be a hard act to follow but if whoever takes on the whole series can come close to this, then we're in for a huge treat.

  2. I particularly liked the actress playing Mma Makutsi. But then, she's a favourite character in the books too. And it was nice to actually see Gabarone at last... and to find out how to pronounce it! I shall be in the queue for the dvd I think.

  3. Mr JLB wasn't quite how I had imagined him but he grew on me, otherwise the characters were perfect.

    I'm holding back on the DVD, I pre-ordered Cranford from the BBC shop and paid the full price then about two weeks after the release date it was being sold for a fraction of the cost. I'll be a bit more canny this time!

  4. You are so lucky to have seen it. I wonder how long it will be before it is available over in the US. I so love those characters and look forward to seeing them acted. Of course, it is possible I may think them the real people, since the books are so real to me.:<)

  5. I hope you will be able to see it soon, Nan, it really does live up to the books. We are all waiting for the 13 week series to be made, now. Have you found Alexander McCall smith's website yet? It is a great way to keep informed about his work. I'll try to put the link in for you


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