Monday, March 24, 2008

An Amelia Coincidence

With holiday visitors gone and no knitting to finish, I thought I would spend the day sewing something for baby Amelia. She desperately needs a play mat, after all she is two weeks old today.

I went to my fabric chest to look for inspiration and discovered an unopened pack which arrived while I was in London. It is the March selection for members of the Premier Fabric Club at The Quilt Room and it is called Amelia.

The pack consists of five fat quarters of aqua and brown fabrics . I just have to make something special with them so if anyone has an idea for a project I would love to hear.


  1. Applique Miss A's name using the different prints for letters on a solid background.

  2. I'll certainly consider that, thank you, e. Wasn't it a lovely coincidence?

  3. There are no coincidences. Only cosmic convergences, but it was lovely as is she.

  4. The Quilt Room, one of my favourite virtual shopping venues and these fabrics perfect for anything.


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