Monday, November 26, 2007

Improving your vocabulary
Juliet on the Muddy Island provides lots of interesting links. This latest one is to a site where we can help provide rice for the hungry simply by testing and improving our vocabulary. Watch out, it is very addictive!


  1. Why does the sister site of the vocabulary/rice site (now that's two words you don't see together very often) have a world map highlighting desert areas implying quite strongly that it is showing areas where people are dying of hunger.

    This is why I can't stand leftwing politics and leftwing heart tugging.

    In the modern world hunger is political, not biblical. Famine is induced by socialism and tribalism and all kinds of other isms most of them induced aided and abetted by the UN and organizations like this one.

    Sorry m.

    Starving children make my blood boil when we have sent gazillions of dollars and foodstuffs that find their way into the Swiss bank accounts of the "leaders" and far away from those empty stomachs.

  2. But did it improve your vocabulary, e?

  3. My vocabulary absconded with my memory.

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