Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Baby quilts

I have now completed two quilts for the grandchild. As he/she is due in March, I made this reversible quilt in spring colours.
Then I made the gorgeous piggy quilt using the pattern from erp. Thanks, e, it turned out well. I didn't tell you but I have a collection of about 300 pigs of all shapes and sizes, so this is a most appropriate design for our newest family member.


  1. The quilts are quite adorable and I'm glad you got the blog layout under control so it could match the perfection of the layout of the quilts. Good job on all counts.

    It looks like the green floral pattern is one piece that you’ve hand stitched? The patch quilt is adorable too. I’ll post some pictures of a patch quilt I made from old top sheets on my blog tomorrow (it’s dark now).

    It amuses me no end that my literary quilt has gone cross the pond to adorn the crib/cot of a new baby in the auld country.

    Three or four hundred pigs?

  2. Coincidence no 359: pig collections. (But not on a scale to match yours M!)

  3. e, Yes, the spring quilt is all handstitched. The squares are pieced and the reverse is a single sheet of fabric. I look forward to seeing yours later.

  4. D, My husband actually started the pig collection before I met him and I carried it on. Everyone gave us pigs for birthdays etc and, like Topsy, it just grew and grew until we had to beg people to stop! I did get rid of some but all those I kept have special associations. Maybe I'll do a piggy post one day!

  5. Oh PLEASE do a pig post one day - my son would love it! He's a natural Pig Person - he's just always loved them, ever since he was a baby - and has a big collection of toy and model pigs of every shape and size. Maybe we should ALL do a pig blog and compare photos. Is there a National Pig Day, does anyone know?

  6. Juliet, I think we should name a Pig Day if we can't find one!

  7. Well here's what the Groink website has to say about National Pig Day . . .

    'The 1st of March is set aside especially for pigs. It was started by Texas art teacher Ellen Stanley in 1972 to honour and give thanks to our most intelligent domesticated creature.'

    Alternatively, we could celebrate our porcine brothers and sisters on 17 January, the feast day of St Anthony (of Egypt), patron saint of pigs and, er, skin diseases!

  8. You have been busy, D. Why not celebrate all of them? We have enough pigs between us to occupy the blogosphere for a number of days.
    I'll start taking photos as soon as I have rid my PC of the dreaded infection. I've installed just about every antivirus and spyware programme available and each time I think I've got rid of the intruder, something else pops up! I'm wondering if it is possible to ever get rid of these worms.

  9. m. switch from IE to
    . I swear it was seamless and since then, no more unexplained glitches. Note: I'm knocking on my wooden block head as we speak.

    This version says en/us which I take it to mean English/United States. There must be an option to switch to en/uk. You won't be sorry.

    There are a gazillion options, I just use it as came out of the box and it's been fine.

    Check my blog for my contribution to the Day of the Pig.

  10. Thanks, e. My son-in-law has set my PC up with Mozilla for when he visits but I have never enquired into what it was. I've just carried on with programmes I used in my office because I knew them. I'll get him to help me when he comes to visit at Christmas.
    In the meantime, I'm pleased to say that I seem to have rid my computer of the dreaded intruders. It took MANY hours and about £50 worth of extra downloaded protection, when I thought I already had the best on the market installed, too.
    computers are great when working properly but so frustrating when it all goes wrong!


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