Monday, September 10, 2007

Would we miss North Wales?

Here is my latest challenge from Peter, to be found on the Belgium post:

" I hope before I die I will read at least one travel article that reports that someplace or other is easy to get to, has beautiful architecture and terrific food, but sadly, really unfriendly people! "

I have no trouble whatsoever in answering this challenge!

In April 1973, the MM and I left our wedding reception for our honeymoon. We were to spend four days in North Wales, followed by two weeks in Aldeburgh in Suffolk. (It was on the drive from Wales to Suffolk that the MM discovered my total lack of map-reading skills and that I had only married him because he was a navigation officer!)

We stayed at this 17th century coaching inn, the Hawk and Buckle, in LLannefydd, Denbighshire. The honeymoon suite was perfect, the food and champagne first rate.

We visited some of the spectacular castles and the fishing ports.

But wherever we went, as soon as we entered a restaurant, a pub or a shop, even the dining room in the inn where we stayed, everyone immediately stopped speaking English and changed to Welsh.
When we visited the spectacular Swallow Falls, we had to search out an English man to ask to take this picture of us together.
North Wales: easy to get to if you have a master mariner in charge of the map, beautiful architecture, terrific food but, sadly, the unfriendliest people on the planet.


  1. Nasty. Sounds very much like our experience in Belgium.

  2. "East or west; home is best." We've never had outright rudeness, but both in Mexico and Spain, hotel keepers refused to speak to me and kept talking to my husband whose Spanish is nonexistent. In Mexico I had to go out to the car and get him, so we could get a room. However, once the formalities were established everyone was very friendly.


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