Sunday, September 09, 2007

Random intellectual curiosity

I have often been accused of having a grasshopper mind. I sometimes digress so many times that I never get to finish my original story and I am perfectly happy to finish one mid-sentence if I can see that the listener knows what I'm going to say next. Why waste time on an agreed or exhausted point when there are so many more waiting to be explored? Thank heavens for PowerPoint's speaker notes, without that aid to discipline I might never have earned my living!

From this moment on I am not going to see this trait as a weakness or failure. I have found a fellow meanderer in Sandi Toksvig; she doesn't believe that subjects have a neat framework around them, either. I share her love of "the quirkiness of recalling that St John's Wood is the only Tube station whose name contains none of the letters of the word 'mackerel', while Pimlico is the only station entirely devoid of any of the letters of the word 'badger' " and the fact that when the first escalator was introduced at Earl's Court a man with a wooden leg was employed to ride up and down all day to show it was safe. This is the kind of fact that fills my rag bag mind and leads to all kinds of distractions.

Now I know it's something I can publicly admit to because Sandi says it's okay: "I'm not saying that trivia matters but intellectual curiosity does." See, I'm not a grasshopper brain, I have intellectual curiosity! You can read the full article here.


  1. Update on gobblygook. Clicked on fine.

  2. Perhaps it should be Googleygook!

  3. I love the odd and quirky! Never give up your passion for meandering. I have a similar mind - very undisciplined but filled with assorted facts and intellectual flotsam. I've often been told that I should apply to appear on "Jeopardy".

    I think Harry belongs to this club as well.

  4. How lovely to see you again, Duck! I've missed your meanderings. I hope all has gone well with the house move.

  5. No move yet. I've been putting in the extra hours getting the house ready for market, and the blog is just too distracting. I'm also planning for a lengthy time to get it sold, up to a year with this depressed housing market. So getting the house in tip-top shape is a priority. I'll put it on the market next week, and then I'll have some breathing room to spend some time blogging.

    It seems you picked a perfect name for the blog!

    How are things with Andrew?


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