Monday, September 17, 2007

Marmite 'Paddington' TV commercial

A perfect combination - Paddington and Marmite!


  1. Thank you Maureen - Paddington and his Marmite have made my day. As my daughter would say: 'How cute is that?"

    And I've just reread my comment about schools, where I said that she left the state system 18 years ago - actually it was 28 years ago. So now I feel ever so old. But it is rather depressing to realise how long things have been going pear-shaped.

  2. Glad you liked the ad!

    Re the schools: I'd date the start of the decline as the introduction of the comprehensive system and the policy of deliberately undermining the status of teachers in order to defeat the unions. The selection by exam at 11+ was wrong, but the secondary schools were far better than many comprehensives. But that's an oversimplified view of the situation, I know. There are many factors involved.

    BTW you must have been a very young mother!

  3. One of these days, I'll try Marmite although it has such a bad reputation for being nasty and looks disgusting. I love marmelade, however, so perhaps I'll stick to what I know.

    Going pear up?

  4. Thanks to your son, I have a container of Marmite in my kitchen.


  5. David, be brave, open it! The secret is to use the merest hint of Marmite with a strong-flavoured cheese. Once you become addicted you'll be layering it thickly on toast and forgetting the cheese.


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