Sunday, September 16, 2007

Help needed!

Although my chosen language setting is UK English and the posts and comments are still appearing in English, the Blogger labels and instructions have suddenly changed to German e.g this is what I see now under the comments box: Sie können HTML-Tags verwenden, z. B. . This is the note at the bottom of the screen I'm working on right now: Tastaturkürzel: drücken Sie Strg zusammen mit: B = Bold, I = Italic, P = Publish, S = Save, D = Draft more, an interesting combination of languages, showing perhaps that Blogger is as confused as I am.

If anyone can tell me what to do, I would be grateful.


  1. Perhaps blogger is getting even for the Googlygook crack.

  2. Setting/Formatting. Try clicking language off and clicking it back again.

    Then there's the old tried and true method of exiting everything, turning the computer off, unplugging it, waiting 30 seconds or so and then rebooting. That might reset everything.

    Can't hurt and might help.

  3. Thanks erp, I tried the lot but nothing has changed! The same phenomenon occurs when i view your blog, too; all the instructions are in German!

  4. I'm truly sorry. God knows how many hours I've wasted trying to figure out why things have gone wrong with the computer and the various programs we run.

    It's so frustrating when a thing is working fine and the next time you try to use it, it's gone bonkers.

    Blogger help has an option to send them an email.

    Good luck.

  5. Thanks, erp. I have sent an email and hope for a result.

  6. Achtung:

    I clicked over to UK English on my blog and got German. Clicked back to plain English, and the regular English came back.

  7. Brilliant, erp! Thank you. I'm now back in English. The old Googlygooks haven't replied yet, maybe I should have written my email in German?

  8. I clicked over to UK English on my blog and got German.

    Heh, heh. I guess you didn't see that latest EU directive, did you monix?

  9. Mr 'Nice-Guy' Palin has been cosying up to our EU neighbours for his latest television series. I realise now that the change coincided with his travels!


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