Monday, August 06, 2007

Quote #4 (I think)

I think I have mentioned before that the highlight of my Sunday morning drive to church is listening to Clive James on Radio 4's Point of View. He was missing for a few weeks and I had to endure the saccharine tones of Lisa Jardine, until I realised that I could actually drive in silence. Well, he is back and I'm enjoying the 7 mile drive into town again.

My Daily(ish) quote #4 comes from Sunday's programme:

"At my age, achievements become few and small. One enters the era of tiny triumphs."

Of course Clive James is a great deal older than I am, a whole war came between us, but I think I too have entered the era of tiny triumphs. Today's was clearing up a spilled jar of honey. Who would have thought that getting rid of the last sticky traces on the shelf would give the same job satisfaction as a successful presentation to fifty head teachers?

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