Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The sun is shining again

We are enjoying our third consecutive sunny day. The Met Office says the UK is experiencing the first ridge of high pressure since April.

Three months of heavy rain brought floods to many parts of England, fortunately we were spared those extremes, but the farms and gardens have suffered. I'm pleased to show that I managed to salvage these few potatoes from my barrel, having lost all the rest of my potatoes, all of the tomatoes and beans to rain induced blight.


  1. They look pretty good potatoes even if there are not many. My beans are struggling but are now beginning to crop. it's my onions and garlic that have really disappeared into a watery grave! The weeds have done wonderfully well - the fruit of rain and neglect, the gardener having been rained off for most of July.

  2. Too true about the weeds. When I finally got to examine the damage the other day, what had flourished most was bindweed.


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