Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The truth about Middletown

Contrary to popular belief, Middletown is rather lovely. My daughter took these photographs (plus about 1000 more!) on her honeymoon trip to Canada last year.

The forests are spectacular.

The natives are welcoming ......

although some look a little fierce ...

The wildlife is amazing

Everyone has one of these parked behind their house

I think Peter has kept quiet about all of this in order to keep Canada free from Grockle invasion.
Or, could it be that he just hasn't noticed what is around him?


  1. Lovely pictures. And your daughter looks exactly like your son.

  2. The other 995 pictures show that Canada is breathtakingly beautiful. My daughter and her husband spent a couple of weeks sailing off Vancouver Island and a bit of touring in BC.

    Yes, the kids do look alike but I'm surprised you can tell from that shot.

  3. If you click on it, it becomes (almost) life sized.

  4. Wow! This blogging is very instructive.

  5. Peter's neck of the woods is not quite so scenic as BC. Skipper and I drove throgh Quebec and Ontario last Tuesday & Wednesday en-route to our rendesvous with Peter. It rained the whole time, and we only got the view from the highway, so it's not a fair comparison.

    We did get to see Peter in action, though, as we dropped into the courtroom where he was giving his best, most witty and eloquent arguments in defense of his client, in all his robed glory. It was dazzling.

  6. From Peter's command of language and insight into arguements, I would expect no less!


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