Friday, April 27, 2007

I've joined the Twirlies

When my 60th birthday arrived, at the end of November 2005, nothing seemed to change. I had expected some kind of rite of passage into 'Senior Citizenship' but no new ID or welcome pack arrived. As I stood in line at the theatre, I half expected a public announcement that I had come for a concessionary ticket and I felt a great sense of achievement when the girl sold me a full-priced adult ticket without blinking.

For 14 months now, I have pretended to be part of the mainstream. I've handed over the full fare on trains, bought ordinary meals and not the 'OAP special' in the local pub and my hairdresser hasn't yet offered me an appointment on 'pensioners' day' for a blue rinse. But today it all changed: I acquired my free Devon bus pass and my Senior railcard. I may not have any grey hairs yet, but boy do I feel OLD!

I'm the same age as Helen Mirren for goodnes sake, does she have a bus pass? Does she stand at the bus stop at 08.59 with all the other Senior Citizens calling out 'Am I too early .... tooearly..... twearly .... twirly?'


  1. A couple of years ago when I was 54, we were on a ski holiday and my son, then eleven and a ski school graduate, was pushing me to ski the expert runs with him. I was nervous but conditions were perfect and to my amazement my skiing had improved dramatically in recent years and I was better than I had ever been in my life. I owned those hills! Down we went, over and over, faster and faster, to many admiring looks. "You are young, you are an athlete, you are sexy, you rock!" I told myself. Then we decided to go to the chalet for a break and as I skiied up to it I saw a sign that said: "Senior Citizen Discount Passes--55+".


  2. I'm told 60 is the new 50, maybe someone should tell the concession makers.

    Apart from losing credibilty as a person in public places, retirement isn't bad. Once the shock of the difference between the salary and the pension wears off, life can begin to get interesting.

  3. I'll be joining the 50 year club this year. I'm actually finding the later years enjoyable. At a certain age it becomes acceptable to drop all pretenses of being attractive, in touch, hip, ambitious or relevant. Youth, with all its energy, excitement and promise, is a dreadful burden. No more pretending for me. I am well on my way to full-fledged crankhood.

  4. 50? A mere stripling! You'll have to think up some better excuse for your crankiness.

  5. Twirlies? A new one on me.

    Geezers and potential geezers-- don't let the younguns patronize you as they are prone to see all fuzzy-heads alike. Sometimes a "clarification" is in order and I guarantee the store clerk and/or doctor won't do it twice.

  6. Welcome back,erp!
    My sister introduced me to the term 'Twirlies'. Over-60s can have concessionary travel on buses after 9am, so as the bus approaches the stop the waiting seniors ask 'Can I use my pass or am I too early?' And this has been corrupted to Twirly by the drivers.


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