Tuesday, December 10, 2013


I couldn't let the year end without one last attempt to write something here. Life does have a tendency to get in the way of reading and writing blogs these days.  My fingers have been busy making and baking rather than typing.

My mother and two sisters were really good at creating lovely things to wear, while I spent hours unpicking my uneven seams and dipping hems. My attempts usually ended in the dustbin or rag bag. It has taken the advent of grandchildren to get me to take up a needle again and nowadays I even use a sewing machine!

It all began with little quilts for cots and then aprons for toddlers and now I am responding to requests for dressing up outfits. This year the children will be snow leopards and cheetahs in these outfits:
I'm sure they will look better with children inside.

Then they all needed sweaters and hats; here are just a few:

and Ben wants to be a Jedi knight so I made him a robe:

One of my friends had enough confidence in my new-found sewing skills to commission some aprons to give as Christmas presents for her teenage daughter and friends. Cupcakes galore and a smarter one for herself.

I've made candles and cakes, mince pies and cookies and today will be chocolate-making day. How I wish my mother could see me now!  Each success I've had has boosted my confidence and I think I would probably have a go at any new challenge now. It is lovely to surprise others and even better to surprise myself.  Perhaps my next challenge should be to get back to blogging regularly in the New Year, now that would surprise you!


  1. Wow Maureen,I'm delighted for you,and I bet the recipients of your talents are as well! Last month I went to visit my granddaughter in Texas, she still plays with the fairy totebag / purse you made two Years ago. More pics of your creativity please!!!! I want to see the candles and chocolate!

    1. I'll take some more photos tomorrow, Jodi. I'm so pleased that the fairy bag was a hit with your granddaughter. Mine love theirs too and I made one for Benjamin with masculine elves instead of girly fairies!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Val. I'm so glad that you haven't given up on me.

  3. You certainly have been busy!
    I wonder if you have received any of my daily mail - they seem to bounce.

    1. No, Margaretha, I haven't had any emails from you. Are you using my googlemail address or my personal one? I have had problems with google - several posts that I have written have simply disappeared when I tried to publish them on the blog so perhaps my email account isn't working either. I will send you my other address in case you don't have it.


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