Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The lost post

I put together a post called Away from it all, close to home, yesterday. It appeared on the blog for a few hours and Val left a comment and I responded. Then, somehow it disappeared completely. I spent an hour or so reading all the help, advice and discussions on Blogger but I could not find any way to retrieve a lost post. Sorry, Val and sorry Dewena for your fruitless efforts. I'm going to write a little post now and hope this one stays put!

It has been a very lovely but also very busy summer.  We have had many visitors:19 in all but, I'm pleased to say, not all at once. The house has been filled with fun and laughter, a welcome distraction from the anxious waiting for my husband's test results. (Thank you for the messages and enquiries, it has taken a long time but the worst case scenario has now been ruled out but spinal surgery is required.)

Family members from Lancashire, Oxford and Bristol: brother, sister, nieces, great-nephews and a dog came to stay at various times as well as our son and his family and our daughter and hers. Happy chaos has reigned and the sun shone all the time! There have been barbecues and picnics, days on the beach, days on the burrows, hide-and-seek in the garden and a great deal of family time. It has all been wonderful but now I am exhausted!

My husband's doctor suggested we have a holiday while waiting for an appointment at the spinal clinic, which could be a long wait. He couldn't manage a long journey so I looked for some peace and quiet with a touch of luxury within a 25 mile radius of home and here we are in a farm cottage on the edge of Dartmoor. Apart from a young honeymooning couple, we have the whole farm to ourselves as the owners are themselves on holiday and the summer season is almost over. Tranquility is what we needed and that is just what we have. 

I posted a lot of photographs yesterday but I won't do that now in case they disappear again. As I have been typing this, a message that an error has occurred while saving has appeared at regular intervals. I will click on the Publish button and hope for the best. If this succeeds, I will try another full post later in the week.


  1. No wonder you've been absent from blogging but instead have been doing the most important thing of all, being with your husband and family, enjoying so many happy though concerned moments. Thank God that the worst scenario was ruled out and that you both are able to enjoy the lovely peace and quiet of the spot you're at now.

    Blessing to you both,

  2. It worked !
    How frustrating that it ate your lovely pictures ..I can still see them in my head looked like lovely fun was had by all:0)
    Good luck with the back op!

  3. I forgot to say ..have you heard of a link between taking Antihistamine with reduced swelling in Lymphodema ? I got bitten badly by insects ..had a bit of a panic and took antihistamine and not only did my hand go down but my arm somewhat too. I wondered if it was a coincidence but then googled it and it does seem that it has an effect for some.. but no new research since the 70's ..suggestion reason for this no financial motive as antihistamine is available as a generic???
    Don't know what you think...just thought I'd let you know. I take a small amount regularly now and sofar can wear a lighter sleeve and don't have to wear the gauntlet... I'll just see how it goes.

    1. Wow, that sounds amazing. It would certainly be better than the bandaging I have from time to time. I'm supposed to do it several times a week but I like sewing and knitting too much for that! I'll give the antihistamine a try. Thank you, Val.

  4. I am so thankful that the worst isn't the reality. So scary for you both. Delighted to read about your summer.


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