Saturday, February 23, 2013

Special jam tarts

I'm sure that everyone has a recipe for jam tarts but none can be as simple or as special as mine! I was baking with 4 year-old granddaughter Millie when she asked why I was using a recipe from a little notebook rather than one of the many cookery books I have on the shelf. I explained that I write up really special recipes in my notebook, which is well-thumbed and stained from years of use. She thought about this for a while and then asked if I would write her special recipe for jam tarts in my book and here it is, just as she dictated:

Millie's jam tarts

You need some pastry and some jam

Roll out the pastry
Cut out circles with a cutter
Put them in a special jam tart tray
Put some jam in each tart
Cook them
Take them out of the oven and let them cool
Eat them.
Simple, isn't it? Of course, this has pride of place in my notebook.


  1. And we try to make cooking so difficult! A child knows better.

    1. If only we could be four years old forever! The world seems so wonderful at that age.

  2. Hold my biscuit!! Millie has grown!

    1. Jodi, Google thought "Hold my biscuit" had some hidden meaning as they put your comment in the naughty corner!

      Millie had her 5th birthday yesterday. I blinked and she was a schoolgirl but she's really still our little princess.

  3. Oh brother! What a world. As I recall, in an older post of yours, "Hold my biscuit!" was a Millie-phrase that had become a family favorite. :) I wish Google were as vigilant on my end of the pond. The comments I've had to delete, let me tell you! Oh well. Happy birthday to the beautiful Millie.

    1. Yes, it has become a family saying. It came from an exchange about the Olympic games.


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