Thursday, January 03, 2013

Looking forward to a dry January

I'm not thinking of that dry January, although I wish you well if you have signed up to it. My greatest wish for 2013 is for some dry weather.  Since April 2012 more rain has fallen on the West Country than at any time in the last 60 years. High tides and more torrential rain in the days before Christmas caused rivers and streams to burst their banks and the whole area has suffered from floods and land slips.

The normally gentle little river that runs through our village, pictured here in May 2012,
looked like this on Christmas Eve
Many  houses, shops and business premises flooded.
Fortunately, my house is higher up than the river and was not affected by the flooding but we were stranded for a while as the roads were impassable. Our greatest concern was whether the family would be able to get through for Christmas. I'm pleased to say they made it but our enjoyment was tempered by the problems that many of our neighbours were suffering.

Despite the weather and the gloomy surroundings, the grandchildren made Christmas a happy time for everyone. The last of the visitors left (in the rain!) yesterday and we are busy putting the house back in order and doing all that laundry!

I wish you all a very happy New Year and a prosperous and dry 2013.


  1. Well I hope your wellies have dried out by now - that certainly was a wet one. We could do with some of the water down here at the moment. HOT HOT HOT with strong winds and fires to go with them.
    Enjoy the New Year with your family Maureen - post again when you have time, we've missed you
    Take care

    1. I've been wondering whether your heatwave might be preferable to our floods, Cathy. No matter how clever we get, there is nothing we can do about the weather, is there? Floods and fire - both dreadful. I hope that you are safe from both.

      We are still having lots of rain but the rivers are slowly going down. Our particular problem is that our house is made of cob (mud, sticks and stones) and the water table is so high now that the cob is becoming saturated. The house has survived for 350 years so we hope it will go on for a bit longer!

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