Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Out of the woods

My family has spent the last nine days learning the importance of light and sight. My son had what was thought to be an innocuous eye infection which turned out to be really quite serious. Fearing that one of the babies might catch it, he came to stay with us and we had to turn the house into a dark cave with blackout curtains, blinds, blankets and black paper at the windows. Eventually, he got to see an eye consultant and the correct diagnosis and treatment and he can now almost see and almost tolerate daylight. He managed to read a little yesterday and put together an account of his experience for The Dabbler.

Living in dark or dimmed rooms has been challenging. Everyday tasks take on new dimensions when you can barely see what you are doing. We are left with a profound sense of relief that he should recover fully and a deeper appreciation of  the preciousness of sight. The Dear Son has gone home today so that he can continue his care at the specialist eye hospital and I've just taken down the last of the window coverings. Light is wonderful!


  1. What an awful scare. Do you know how he got the infection? Glad he's on the mend now.

    1. It has been pretty worrying, e. It is a viral infection so as easy to pick up as the common cold, I suppose. The trouble was that it was misdiagnosed as a bacterial infection and the wrong treatment started. By the time that was corrected it had developed into a very troublesome condition.

  2. First, can I say what good parents you are? You are. Second, your son and his family will be in my prayers. Full recovery. xx

  3. Some 'glads' for you........
    1. Glad you are posting again as I enjoy your blog
    2. Glad your son has recovered
    3. Glad you are well yourself.

  4. Thank you for all of those glads, Adele. I'm glad that you enjoy the blog and I'll try to write more regularly. Time is something of a problem but lack of inspiration is a greater one!


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