Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Hints of Spring

We had several days of warm sunshine last week causing the garden and blackbirds to think that Spring had arrived early. I went into the garden with a borrowed camera and took a few photos. The weather has changed and the garden is covered by a hard frost but I have these reminders of last week's promise:
The last of the snowdrops
First daffodils
Purple hellebores

White hellebores
I will be away for the next two weeks and I hope to return to find the garden full of spring flowers and blackbirds' nests.


  1. What a lovely early Spring start - I hope the frost won't kill too much for you.
    We too have a very early Spring, with a few snowdrops near the house. Most of the snow is gone - and I hope it stays away!
    Hope you'll have a nice fortnight!

  2. Margaretha
    It is so lovely to see the spring flowers coming through. I have been ill for most of the winter but now I'm looking forward to some sunshine and longer days. I hope all is well with you.

  3. Hooray! Managed to get the comment form, it usually says Service Unavailable.
    As always your spring is well ahead of ours, the daffodils are not ready to flower just yet and it's still below freezing in the mornings (-3 today). I'm also looking forward to some warmth and sun.
    Also, what a lovely photo of your father. Very sophisticated.

  4. Your garden looks lovely ..the flowers are beautiful...we have snow and more snow and even more snow it's spilling over fences as if a giant has dolloped frosting with a generous hand over everything..crazy
    Have a lovely time away :0)

  5. Rattling On

    How nice to hear from you. I'm sorry if you have had trouble leaving a comment, I removed the new moderation because it was putting people off.

    I suppose your extremes of weather are the price you pay for living in such a beautiful place. I've only made one short trip to Derbyshire but fell in love with the places we visited and hope to go back before too long.

    I like that photo of my father. I think all young men spent their first wages on a studio photo back in the 1920s to show how grown up they were!

  6. Val
    You make the snow sound wonderful! We haven't had any at all this winter here by the coast. Even the moors have seen very little, especially compared with last winter. I love the spring weather, though, and am looking forward to some nice walks with the grandchildren over the next fortnight.

  7. Such a pretty and relaxing blog. Good thoughts and great images.

  8. Blackbirds always make me think of you because you sent me that poem about them. I hope all is well with you.


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