Thursday, February 02, 2012

A winner

With only two entries in the book draw, I thought the best way to decide on the winner would be to toss a coin. Cath and Cathy - nothing between them but a y and a few thousand miles. Cath gets the head:
 and Cathy the tail:
 Excuse me for a moment while I flip the coin ...............................

It's heads and the winner is ........ CATH

Please send me your postal details to the email at the top of the blog, Cath. I hope you enjoy the book.


  1. Thanks, Maureen. I'll pop you an e.mail tomorrow.

  2. I would have entered except DK is so not my kind of writing. :<)
    Love those coin pics.

  3. Nan

    It isn't my kind of reading either so I am glad that the book has gone to Cath who loves fantasy etc. I look forward to hearing her views.

    The two pound coin that I pictured is my favourite coin! I sometimes look in my purse to see I am right out of bank notes but then see a few of those coins and realise I can still buy that treat!


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