Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A scary story

Granddaughter Amelia, known as Millie, is now three and a very important three-quarters years old. Like all members of our family, she loves books and she is beginning to read and write independently but her skills can't yet keep pace with her imagination and desperate need to communicate. Mummy is frequently called on, therefore, to act as her amanuensis when Millie wants to dictate a story.

This morning, the postman brought her latest masterpiece, addressed to Grumpy, the grandchildren's name for my husband. First, the accompanying card:
 And now for the story. Be warned that Millie is no sugar and spice child. She likes her stories to have a touch of drama and sometimes quite shocking endings!
 We are building a collection of her work as an investment for our future. When Millie is an established novelist, we will cash in on her "early work."

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  1. Great story written by a sweet child living in a loving secure home. Totally demolishes the current trend of blaming a lot of modern malaises on the scary stuff of fairy tales.

    We're also archiving the oeuvre of our artist/writer granddaughter, now age 14. She's moved on to the performing arts now and who knows what next.


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