Saturday, December 10, 2011

There was a little girl who had a little curl

She was more than a week late in arriving but she is lovely and the first member of the family to be born with a fine head of hair! Welcome to Elizabeth Orla.


  1. Another girl! Lucky grandma that you are. She's adorable.

  2. I'm sure she will always be very very good and never ever..... I know this poem well. I was a curly-haired baby. My father liked to recite it. Your granddaughter is a beautiful little dew drop.

  3. How beautiful she is!
    who has never
    had a single

  4. I will pass on your comments to the tired but proud parents. I suppose they have to take all the credit but then again, where would they be without me?

  5. What a gorgeous babe! Congratulations to all the family. Meanwhile, i look forward to seeing you in the New Year for what will then be a very overdue pre-Christmas get-together.

  6. I'm glad that everyone share my view of the lovely baby Elizabeth! I'll tell Mr and Mrs Brit that she is a hit.

    Safe journey, D. Pity about the pre-Christmas lunch but we'll have even more to catch up on when we get back from our visits.

  7. Should any dialogue be necessary, doubtless Mlle Millie will be up to the task. What fun these grandchildren have turned out to be.


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