Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Quick, save a blog!

I have only recently discovered Tracey Woods' blog, after she left a comment here. It seems that she is already thinking of giving up because she hasn't  yet gained the readership she hoped to get. Please go over and encourage her. We all remember those early days when nothing happens. You could even win a copy of one of her books. Do go there, now. Please.

And if you are interested in books you might like to see what's on offer at The Dabbler right now. Not  only can you join the book club and have the chance of drawing a free book each month, you can also sign up to be a reviewer and choose books as and when you wish. For more details click here.


  1. Monix. You are THE nicest. This may not be proper blogging etiquette but x, or as they write in America, xoxo ...And now I'm worrying (again) that my writing's horrible and maybe folk would do better avoiding it :) Thanks!

  2. Oops, now the "Thanks" came out sounding wrong. I mean it most sincerely, but you probably figured that, I hope :/. And now I'm off to the Dabbler.

  3. Tracey

    I spent weeks, maybe months, wondering if anyone at all was reading Random Distractions and eventually the comments started to appear. Just stick at it, visit other blogs and leave comments and people will come back to you. And the comments don't reflect the number of visitors, lots of people call by but don't leave any evidence! Good luck.


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