Monday, July 04, 2011

Life goes on

The funeral of my mother-in-law, Dorothy, on Thursday brought together family members from Scotland and a wide range of places in England. At 94, she had outlived all of her friends but the presence of three generations of her descendants was an excellent demonstration of life going on.
All ten of her grandchildren, ranging in age from 40 down to 9 years of age, were present at the funeral and four of her eight great grandchildren joined us for lunch at a hotel afterwards. It was an excellent balance of solemnity and celebration.

Our children and grandchildren stayed on for a few days and the fun we had in the garden and on the beach dispelled any gloom that might have lingered.

Millie plays hide and seek but is soon found!

Three cousins explore together

Ben in deep conversation with the ornamental cat
And more to say to the meerkat
We had glorious sunshine on Friday and spent the day on the beach.
It's a great day for flying kites
Millie goes first

Her smile tells all
Sandcastles, of course
But fun can be exhausting


  1. The picture of your mother-in-law reminds my of pictures of my mother who was about the same age. Women looked fashionable back in those days and would never be seen in public wearing shorts and sneakers. We travelled by air a couple of weeks ago and the mass of humanity at the huge Orlando Florida airport didn't put one in mind of perky little hats and well tailored suits.

    Delightful pictures of the children. They're lucky to have cousins close to their own ages and another one coming along will it make even merrier. A couple of weekends ago we had a mini-reunion of cousins near my own age whom I hadn't seen in years. We had fun too, but it didn't involve getting full of sand although one of us, not I, did fall asleep in her chair, a victim of my son-in-law's Margaritas.

  2. e, both my mother-in-law and my own mother always dressed with great care. I think our generation started down the slippery slope and the current young women have taken things to an all time low. Casual has become scruffy! Perhaps the grandchildren will take everyone back to elegance?

    The three cousins had a great time together and I hope they will always enjoy getting together. Your reunion sounds fun.

  3. Your mother-in-law was beautiful, and yes, very elegant. I’m afraid that I don’t belong to the elegant kind, although I try not to look to sloppy when leaving the house. But I refuse to wear a girdle!
    Lovely pictures of the cousins!

  4. Margaretha
    I thinnk that I would be described as tidy but never as elegant! And I haven't worn a girdle since 1964!

  5. I love that you can see the spark in the eyes in your mother-in-law's photo. I think she was a beauty. And I'm so glad you posted pictures of your garden with all its enchanting nooks and crannies. I hope you have a wonderful summer full of family fun and fond memories.

  6. Jodi

    Dorothy kept her good looks and stylishness right to the end of her life and she had a strong sense of humour. Those are the memories that my husband concentrated on during the funeral.

    I'm glad you like my garden although it is tiny in comparison to yours. The children love to play there.

  7. Hello Maureen
    So glad that the funeral gave rise to happy moments that will be remembered by yourselves and the younger generation.
    Yes, a beautiful photograph from a very different time. Interesting that my daughter and friends (early twenties) are quite taken with 'retro' style - mainly fifties, but even that's a touch more glamorous than what was to follow. I think even my current flirtation (?) with ballroom dancing is about 'the look' as well as the music. Looks like women's lib did not bode well for fashion!

  8. Ali

    I would love to have been young and wealthy (essential!) in the 1920s when clothes were really glamorous. The 1950s were quite stylish, too and I get the impression that lots of girls now are trying the waspy waist and full skirt look. It certainly beats the bare midriff!

  9. In response to the comment you left at my blog, my daughter corrected me. She said it was a Miss America wave, not a royal one. That explains it, since it didn't really seem that dignified. :) But as far as reserve, explain Guy Fawkes Day. :)

  10. Jodi, we don't dress up as Guy Fawkes, we just burn effigies of him!

  11. That is THE best blog header photo! Perfect. As is your post and pictures. Life does go on, indeed. 'life flows on within you and without you'

  12. Nan, I'm glad you like the photo. I just couldn't resist sharing my lovely grandchildren with everyone. They got on so well together when they were here last week and I can't wait until they are old enough to come to stay for the summer.


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