Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cucumber pickle

At this time of year, I always have a jar of cucumber pickle in the fridge. It adds a little je ne sais quoi to salads and sandwiches. There are lots of ways of making it but my recipe for a gingery version has been published on The Dabbler today.
I am a little disappointed about the picture that has been used on The Dabbler, though. Those thick chunks of cucumber would not be as tasty as the thin slices recommended in the recipe. I shall have to have a word with the Editor!


  1. A lesson learned: The Compleat Artist controls all aspects of her work.

    I love pickles, but am not sure about the ginger, so please send me a sample so I can test them out and while you're at it send any other goodies you may have recently concocted.

  2. Terra

    We all love this pickle in my family and serve it with many different dishes.

  3. e, you can be taster-in-chief if I can just work out how to get things through your Customs regulations!

  4. Why must we always be at the mercy of Philistines?


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