Friday, April 22, 2011

Our little beekeeper

My daughter has just sent this picture of Millie in her beekeeping clothes and I just have to share it! The bees were left behind in London when the family moved to Oxfordshire but the garden has been prepared and the bees have come to join them. Millie is learning how to care for them.
She certainly looks the part!


  1. Love it!!!!!!

    My Brother is a newish beekeeper it an obsession or a passion

  2. Val

    It is certainly a fascinating hobby/pastime/passion/obsession. Does your brother look as cute as Millie?

  3. I seriously doubt

    Somewhere I do have a photo of him as the Wolf with his Morris Dancers group....that has cute potential :0) but I rather think I might be in hot water if I posted it ...ho hum

  4. Val, I would hate to cause a family rift by begging to see the photo. I'll just use my imagination!


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