Monday, March 28, 2011

Birthday princess

I haven't been up to London to visit the Queen but I have been to see our very own Princess Amelia for her third birthday:
The Disney dress was very much appreciated
Not quite used to wearing a crown yet.

Birthday lunch with bambino-cino

But Ben prefers cucumber
Look, I'm a penguin
Party picnic with cousin Charlotte

Thye best way to party is to ignore your guests!      
Seven days later it is Ben's first birthday. What a bore!
We can have fun together at the park now 
Benjamin thinks he can scramble up the net now that he is 1  
 We had a fun-packed birthday visit with parties, trips to the Cotswold Wildlife Park and the local park and countless other activities. Everyone was exhausted except the children!


  1. That does sound like fun and mom is in store for a surprise because I see Ben is doing boy stuff with a lot more of it to come.

    All the kids are simply adorable.


  2. Little brother's birthday,entertaining party guests..oh the things a princess must endure!Lol

  3. e

    All three grandchildren are indeed adorable. We have two very feminine little girls and one extremely boyish boy! Watch this space......


    It really can be very trying being a princess.

  4. Lovely photos..they look like they're all having fun!!!!


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