Saturday, February 26, 2011

Greek yogurt dessert in a hurry

I have just returned from a week of family visits in Bristol, Oxford and Lancashire. Looking forward to a leisurely weekend of catching up on sleep and reading, I was horrified to learn that the MM had committed us to a Sunday lunch party and committed me to taking a dessert for 10 people. With no time to go further than the corner shop, what could I do but ring my brother for the recipe for the delicious dessert he had served just a few days ago. He had said that it was quick and easy and so it is:

1 packet digestive biscuits (I used about three quarters of the pack)
500g tub Greek yogurt (0% fat is fine but my shop only had the full fat variety)
1 small can condensed milk (this is the light version, making up for some of the butter to follow!)
1 large lemon

Put required amount of biscuits in a plastic food bag and crush with a rolling pin. Place in base of serving dish. Pour on melted butter and press mixture down to form base of dessert.
Zest the lemon and reserve for decoration.
Pour yogurt, condensed milk and the juice of the lemon into a bowl and stir until smooth. The mixture will be quite runny but have faith, it will set to a cheesecake consistency.  Pour it on top of the biscuit base, sprinkle the lemon zest on top and put in the fridge.  It will be ready to serve in about an hour but mine will stay in the fridge until tomorrow.

Voila! One delicious dessert to serve at least 10 people, made in less than 10 minutes. Thank you, brother.


  1. Oh, yes! That's my kind of dessert. And, I can get digestive biscuits at our local Publix, which has a rather nice selection of British foods. This is a good excuse to go raid the aisle and stock up. ;) Have a lovely weekend, Maureen.

  2. Not only is that quick it looks super delicious!

  3. So love it when a delicious dessert is made with economy of effort!! Thanks.

  4. Glad to know you are back home, M, and we'll speak soon. Am very sad, however, that my non-dairy regime makes this wonderful dessert a no-go area. Somehow I don't I don't think a soya milk and yogurt version would work, do you? Thought not . . .

  5. Holy mackerel! What a serendipitous visit, as I have each of these items in my frig and pantry. Wahoo! and thank you, Maureen xo

  6. The dessert was a great success at the lunch party yesterday. I see that Madrekarin served it to her family too and with Val, Jodi and Adele planning to have a go, it looks like my brother's Greek dish will be travelling far!

    D, I will have to work on a very special version for you although nothing springs to mind yet! Perhaps some of those superb fish and chips at the Exeter Inn will compensate? See you soon.

  7. Hi M, Just had a fabulous meal with your brother John, with his super dessert he recomended. it was sooooo good.

    hope you and your family are all fine and will see you next time your at John's.

    Ann & Mark

  8. Ann and Mark
    How nice to hear from you. I look forward to catching up on my next visit to the North. I'm sure you enjoyed the dessert and hope J wasn't upset that I let everyone in to the fact that it is so easy to make!


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