Monday, February 07, 2011

Gifts to lift the spirit

On 60goingon16 today,   D writes about a campaign called Give and Makeup, which aims to provide toiletries and make-up for women who have escaped from domestic violence. The recent announcement that local authorities are withdrawing funding from services for victims of domestic violence means that the charities that do such vital work will rely more than ever on our support.

You will find all the information and links that you need on 60 going on 16 and here is a shortcut to the list of things the charity would like. This seems to me an easy way to do a little to make women who have lost  confidence in themselves to look and feel a little better.


  1. Thank you so much for spreading the word, M. I just knew you would be as moved by this simple but very welcome initiative as I was. Let's hope there will soon be sackloads of toiletries on their way to these brave women.

  2. D, I discovered on the Give and Make Up site that we can arrange to have parcels collected by the local Refuge. I am going to get my friends to help me fill a box or, hopefully, more than one.

  3. A lovely idea I think I may search out a similar local charity

  4. Hello Maureen
    My CWA (similar organisation to WI) branch supports a local womens refuge. We have no idea where it is as we 'work' through an agency. Each month we all donate various goods that are stored and picked up (to retain that secrecy/anonymity) as the other blogger said its those personal items that mean the most so we tend to collect toiletries and feminine products
    Thank you so much for your comment on Baby Talk - the grandma knowing the benefits of the contact babies need (and deserve) was so surprised and annoyed at her DIL attitude, has no idea where the mother got those ideas from and why she would want ot implement them. We are all hoping she sees the error of her ways and changes mind. I'm happy to say the grandma certainly didn't do as she was told that day lol
    Take care

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