Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Win a fairy bag kit

These are the  little Flower Fairy bags that I made for my grandchildren. They will hold a surprising number of those small toys that children love to hold.
The green bag is for Benjamin. I used little boy fairies and a masculine-looking lining so that he won't feel too embarrassed to carry his cars and dinosaurs around in it!

I have put together a complete kit: fairy panels, batting, lining, trim and cord, together with simple instructions for making the bag.  Why not start the New Year with a small project? Just leave a comment here, stating whether you would like girl or boy fairies and I will get Millie to pick out a winner when she comes for her Christmas visit.


  1. Hmm lovely, I guess this will be a popular competition.

  2. Al
    Do you want to enter? I was kicked out of needlework class when I was 12 but I managed to make these!

  3. Maureen- They are darling! My friend, Cilla, is a confirmed Flower Fairy fan. She has books about them for her granddaughters to read. :) I just recently found the website to send to her. Do we ever outgrow things like that? I don't think so.

  4. How can i resist,I guess Evies a little small so a boy one for Logan if lucky would be fab.

  5. j'aime ce que vous faites
    j'aime ces fées et les fées en general
    je croise les doigts et invoque la chance pour moi
    je vous envoie un peu d'air du midi de la france

  6. A little girl girl, please, sweet adorable intelligent Millie ;) Just in case flattery sways the judge...shameless, I know.

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  8. Karin, M&M and Jodi - I thought the grandmas would like this. Good luck!

    Eve - Merci et bon chance.

  9. Maureen, thanks for the tip re the edible glitter! Love the bags and I'm sure your grandchildren will keep them full up.

  10. Maureen, in case you don't see it on my blog, Sarah said the trick to royal icing is to add baking glycerine instead of lemon juice. Lemon juice makes it harden too quickly.

  11. Jodi
    Thanks to you and to Sarah for the tip. Last year I didn't ice the cake at all but used edible gold glitter. It looked fantastic.

  12. Hello Maureen
    Love the look of those little fairy bags - and I'm confident the youngsters are going to love them as well
    Now I'm sure you will be busy preparing for the visit of your little one so I'll pass on the fruit cake and coffee (or stronger lol) however I just popped in to say Merry Christmas and best wishes for the New Year. Hoping all your dreams come true in 2011
    Take care


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