Tuesday, November 16, 2010

This month, I have been mostly .....

.... Sewing, knitting and entertaining. As usual, my good intentions to be prepared well in advance for Christmas have come to nothing. I have a pile of almost-finished projects and I wonder how many of them will be ready to wrap on Christmas Eve?

Here are some that I finished last week because they need to be sent off this month.
 A sweater for Millie, who has suddenly grown out of everything she has.

Advent calendar for Millie and Benjamin. 
My daughter is making little figures to put in the pockets. They 
will then be assembled into a Christmas nativity scene.

A Christmas stocking for Benjamin.
He wasn't around last year when I made stockings
for Millie and Charlotte.

A Flower Fairies bag, the first of six that I 
hope to get finished for Christmas.

There are two more sweaters ready to be sewn up (the part of knitting that I really don't like), another Advent calendar almost completed and a list of requests from friends and family that I will probably not get around to this year. It would be so much easier to buy gifts but I really enjoy looking at the finished product and hope that the recipient will appreciate the thought that went into it.

When I was a child, a homemade dress or sweater was a sign that your parents couldn't afford to buy from the shops but it seems to be quite different now. Hand crafted goods are highly desirable and, though mine are far from perfect, family and friends seem to like having something a little different.

The entertaining that I mentioned at the beginning refers to this house guest:
Paws is a border collie belonging to a friend, who leaves her with us whenever she needs to go away. Paws is really quite happy with us but if we don't respond to all of her demands for treats, she sits by the back door looking sulky in the hope that we will try to win her favour again. She is a great actress with an amazing ability to look sad. Don't be fooled, she only wants doggy chocs!


  1. Gosh you've been really busy!!!!

    Those gifts look lovely

    There is something about Collies...lol

    Paws has what my folks would've called "an old fashioned" look on her face

    Mind you I might pout for Chocolate..though I think pleading might work better lol

  2. Val, every year I think I will start to make things In January and work steadily through to December but I never do. Then I have a mad panic in the last few weeks and make another resolution and so it goes!

    Paws went home last night. I bet she is now sitting looking towards our house in the hope that my friend will feel guilty and give her chocolate!

  3. Wow! What a fabulous output of gorgeousness.

  4. Wow is right! Your "mad panicks" sure are productive, not to mention beautiful. It's so true what you said about hand-made items--they are desirable now, and in shops, they cost the moon. An elderly neighbor lady knitted a beautiful yellow cardigan for my first baby. It's now being worn by his first baby.

  5. I crave handmade gifts,my daughter has just made me my Christmas pressie (shes 13 ) and judging from all the fabric off cuts and thread strewn about her room i think it will be very interesting and of course a treasure to keep forever

  6. Well, you've completed a lot of lovely things, Maureen! I just read your comment to Val- I do the exact same thing! Each January I swear that this will be the year that I get everything done on time, if not early. It never works as life, inevitably, intervenes. Oh, well. Get done what you can for this Christmas and think how far ahead you are for next! ;)

  7. e
    Thank you. I made the most of the time I have been confined to the house with a chest infection. I can get a lot of knitting done while loafing about.

    How lovely to have a new heirloom in the family. You couldn't do that with a shop-bought cardigan, could you?

    Madness and Mayhem
    I bet you can't wait to see what she has produced and I'm sure it will be treasured. Post a picture of it for us to see after Christmas.

    That old life business is always getting in the way! Let's remind each other of our resolutions next year and see who can find the best excuse!

  8. They all look lovely! The nativity figures for the advent calendar are coming along, too, but I think I may be putting the finishing touches to them the night before each is to be opened.

    Millie has somehow realised that Christmas is coming, and that it somehow involves her getting presents (although we have tried to avoid talking about this side of things). She now puts in frequent requests for gifts. I was hoping for a year or two more before that started!


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