Wednesday, September 01, 2010

The Dabbler

The Dabbler - is a new multi-contributor 'superblog' - bringing you all sorts of cultural curiosities. Make sure you add it to your daily reads! 
Brit - who is co-editor of The Dabbler - has asked me if any bloggers or readers in the Random Distractions neighbourhood would like to contribute to a regular feature - The 1p Book Review.
There are all sorts of forgotten, out-of-print and neglected books that can be bought online (eg. at Amazon) for a penny plus postage. The Dabbler will be recommending some of these overlooked gems.
If you would like to recommend such a book (fiction or non-fiction), email your nomination and review (100-400 words is fine) to Brit via
The focus is on less well-known books (so no Great Gatsby etc), but otherwise the only stipulation is that the book can be bought at the time of writing for 1p (or 1 cent) plus postage. Successfully published 1p Book Reviews will receive the ultimate accolade, a Dabbler badge to put on your blog or website!
I will be submitting a review or two, you will know if I am successful if that Dabbler badge appears here. I hope to see some of your reviews there.


  1. Looks a fascinating what books do I love that sell for 1p?

  2. It is indeed a fascinating site, Val.

    You'd be suprised how many books can be bought for 1p - most of them, in fact, which is what makes this an easy thing to do. If you search for your book on Amazon, you'll very often find it's available secondhand for 1p plus postage.


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