Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A question of frogs

Granddaughter Amelia, better known as Millie, is now two and a quarter years old. Her language development is a constant source of surprise bordering on wonder to us.  I was having a telephone conversation with my daughter yesterday when we were politely interrupted:
Millie: I would like to speak to Grandma.
Mummy: All right, darling. Go ahead.
Millie: Grandma, I have a question for you.
Me: A question? What about?
Millie: I have a question about frogs, Grandma.
Me: I'm listening and I'll try to answer your question. What is it?
Millie: My question is - what colour are frogs? Are they green or brown?
Me: Mmm. That could be a tricky question but I think frogs are green.
Millie: No, Grandma. Orange!  (Giggles)
Me: You caught me out there.
Millie: Now I have a question about food for you.
Mummy: Beware, mum, she gives two options but the answer is always a third!
Outwitted by a two year old. What will it be like when she is fifteen or even two and three quarters?


  1. I dread to think lol
    By coincidence the town of Westward Ho! is mentioned in a book I started yesterday. Haven't read much of it yet so don't know if it will actually feature. Antonia Fraser - Quiet as a Nun

  2. Hi Cathy
    After another telephone conversation with Millie and her Mum this morning, I've had to do a bit of editing of the post to get the sentence structure right!

    I don't know the book you mention. Do let me know how you like it.

  3. Look out, world--here comes Millie!

  4. Jodi, my worry is that even now she would be a wily politician!

  5. Oh bless her little heart, that is so cute!!

  6. How wonderful. And Millie's not wrong! http://s.ngeo.com/wpf/media-live/photos/000/133/cache/orange-frog-colorful-creatures_13330_600x450.jpg .
    She is still so like her mum at the same age - but no Mohican hair!

  7. Sweet. I can't wait to be asked questions by a cheeky little grandchild. :)

  8. I wasn't prepared for the sheer unexpectedness of grandchildren ! Telephone conversations are a delight .... from the very first breathy , giggly "Hello, Granny" to the current chatty Superhero update .
    I think yours would get on with mine like a house on fire !

  9. On the subject of frogs, we had a conversation today which made me laugh:

    Millie: (Pointing at a picture in her book)What's that, Mummy?
    Mummy: Is it Jeremy Fisher?
    Millie: No. What's *that*, Mummy?
    Mummy: His fishing rod.
    Millie: No. What's *THAT*, Mummy?
    Mummy:I don't know. What is it?
    Millie: His float!
    Mummy: So it is!
    Millie: And what's that?
    Mummy: (Confident this time) His shoes!
    Millie: No. His galoshes.
    Mummy: Oh!
    Millie: And that is his mackintosh.

    I feel so stupid!

  10. Karin - there is nothing quite like it!

    SmitoniusandSonata - I didn't think I was ready to be a grandma but I'm loving it. We've acquired three grandchildren in two years. I see you share some other interests. I'll be over to look at your blog later.

    Adelephant - I'll resist making the obvious family response to that last remark! Millie beats us all.


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