Monday, May 10, 2010

Just M

I'm sure that I will soon be longing for the sounds of hectic life which have filled my days for the past months but right now I am enjoying a little tranquillity. I have had a week of catching up with chores in the house and garden and I've even read a book that wasn't written by Julia Donaldson. I haven't been Mum or Grandma - just M.

While I wasn't paying attention, the garden has been turning blue. The pinks and reds of magnolia and camellia have been replaced by the blues of ceanothus, wisteria, Spanish bluebells and some Heavenly Blue lithodora in the neglected rockery.
With no visitors to cater for, I put away the tablecloths and got out the everyday place mats that a friend made for us more than thirty years ago. How threadbare and shabby they looked:
time to put the sewing machine into action again.  My former needlework teacher would surely find many faults but I am pleased with my new double-sided mats. I can have a yellow or blue themed table, or even mix them!
The me-centred interval will soon pall but just for a little while longer I will enjoy being just M.


  1. Hello there
    M is good - stands for me - you are netitled to be just ME now and again:)
    Enjoy the peace and quiet 'cose you never know when it will end lol
    Nice place mats - I like the look of blue and yellow together, very spring like. which is what you are having isn't it?
    Take care

  2. Thanks, Cathy. I will lay aside the convent school guilt I've been feeling and enjoy a few more days of self indulgence!
    Yes, we are now having some typical English spring days with temperatures approaching freezing! We have had some lovely warm days but we knew they wouldn't last. I've put the heating back on and will catch up on some grown-up reading now.

  3. Your garden is gorgeous. Don't you love it when flowers just appear on their own? Makes them seem all the more magical.

    We've been busy going through hundreds, if not, thousands of pictures trying to decide what to include in a DVD history of our family. It's far more of a job than I bargained for.

    I hope the results turn out as well as your placemats.

  4. e, it is very fortunate that my garden grows with little help from me. I certainly haven't spent much time on it this year with all my family commitments.

    I am sure you will be extremely busy with your family photo project. These things take far more time than we anticipate but I hope you enjoy all the memories that go along with the photos.

  5. Dear M, enjoy your quiet time. Glad to see you posting again.

  6. Your garden is looking good. Oh how I wish we could grow wisteria's one degree celsius as I write. My mother in law had some place mats with cork backs and 1960s photos of seaside resorts on them, brought out on high days and holidays. We joked about them for years. She has new ones now and they're just not the same fun!

  7. Jodi, it is good to be back. I will make the most of this time as I don't know how long it will last.

  8. Rattling On
    The wisteria is rather special. I planted a tiny cutting about four years ago and everyone said it wouldn't thrive. Last year it produced leaves and this year I was overjoyed to see the flowers. It is my ambition to have it cover at least one wall of the garden.

  9. Oh, wisteria - something I can only dream about! It's slowly getting green here, but most of the nature is still brown. And it is COLD.

  10. em
    The temperature here has fallen dramatically and I feel that I ought to rush out and wrap all the plants in blankets!

  11. What a lovely post. So important to reclaim yourself, rather like the way some of your garden plants have reasserted their independence!

    I rather like your old place mats - the thought of your friend-made placemats still working after 30 years is rather lovely.

  12. Colleen
    I liked the old mats, too. It was nice to think of my friend whenever I set the table.


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