Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Family time

In recent weeks, my eighteenth century cottage has been home to four generations of the family, ranging from 3 week old Benjamin to 93 year old Dorothy. Their interests and needs have been many and varied, leaving very little time for me (as grandma, mother, wife and daughter-in-law) to spend on reading or writing blog posts.  My daughter and her two little ones are now back in Oxfordshire and we are enjoying the company of my son and his wife and baby Charlotte.

Thank you for your kind enquiries, I am still alive and smiling and I will eventually get back to my usual routine! In the meantime, this is what has been keeping me busy:

My son has posted an account of the visit we made to Morwenstow yesterday here.

Back soon, I hope.


  1. You have literally had a handful.
    What bliss it must be, a hectic madhouse but bliss nonetheless!

  2. Al, hectic is the perfect adjective for our household these days but, as you say, bliss indeed.

    Jodi, you know what fun it is.

  3. Lovely post...lovely photo :0)

  4. We love time spent with our families but it can be exhausting so it's good to make space for ourselves as well, even if it's just for a day. Tintagel beckons - just two good friends and a dog!

  5. Thanks, Val. I'm sure there will be photos of Charlotte on her own blog soon. My son prefers not to have any on general view.

    D, I'm looking forward to Tintagel via Morwenstow with my good friend and her dog!

  6. So lovely - enjoy your time 'off'


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