Monday, March 01, 2010

Millie draws a winner

Rabbit and Lottie help Millie to pick a name out of the box

I think this is the right one, says Millie
Can you read it, Rabbit?

It's a bit tricky

Grandma can sort that out while we have a game with the other papers

As you can see, Millie was a great help in drawing out the winner of the Jane Austen Sewing Box. It will be on its way to Belgium in the next few days. Congratulations to Breussell, and thanks to everyone who entered the draw.
All is going well here in Oxfordshire. We are just hoping that Baby#2 waits until after Millie's birthday on 10th March before putting in an appearance.


  1. Congratulations to the winner, and Millie and her helpers are adorable.
    On my own blog today I posted some of "those funny church bloopers" if anyone wants a giggle or two.

  2. Many, many thanks, also to Millie (and Rabbit and Lottie), I'm always so lucky on your blog!

  3. Adorable pics of little Millie and her faithful companion, Rabbit. Best wishes to the mama-to-be and congrats to lucky Breussell! No gnashing of teeth over here lol.

  4. Millie is just adorable and so dainty. I love the delicate hand motions and head tilts. Toddlers are so delightfully unselfaware.

  5. Terra - thanks for the smiles, I love those funny bloopers.

    Breussel - sorry I gave you an extra 'l'! I'm very pleased that you won the book. I just wish I had enough for everyone.

    Jodi - you know the delights of being a grandma! The long (active) days are worth it for one smile.

    erp - yes, Millie is very dainty but also quite fearless, climbing and balancing on the most precarious ledges etc My hair is greying daily!

  6. seriously sweet photos
    Rabbit obviously helped

  7. I see Lottie didn't get quite so involved in drawing the name as Millie and Rabbit because she was busy standing on her head! Very sweet pictures.
    Congratulations Bruessel.

  8. Thank you again, everybody is so kind. Just to let you know that the book has safely arrived, and I love it. I am very tempted to follow the instructions to make some paper flowers until the real ones come out.

  9. Happy Birthday to Millie on her special day
    The other big day must be drawing near - or has it happened?


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