Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Recent peregrinations

I am home after a most enjoyable period of visiting family and friends. I travelled by train, something that I really enjoy when it goes well and I'm pleased to report that this trip was pretty good. The seat reservation system and the heating on a couple of Virgin trains failed but Cross Country service was excellent and all trains ran on time.
England is a green and pleasant land for most of the year and this picture, taken in Lancashire, could have been taken in any of the counties I passed through. Just hours after I took it, those fields were covered in snow but English weather is very changeable and it was clear again a day later.

The green line marks my journey from Devon to Lancashire. I spent a week there, visiting lots of family members within the blue triangle. Family visits are only of interest to those taking part so I will only mention one that had an interesting outcome: a visit to my niece who recently moved to a tiny village in the stunning valley of the West Pennine Moors. While admiring the views from her windows and the oak beams and stone floors in her 300 year old cottage, I mentioned Random Distractions and, as a result, she has started her own blog called Lassy in Lancashire. I hope you'll go over and offer some encouragement.

After my all too brief time in Lancashire, I took the train to Bristol and had an even shorter visit with my son and his wife and my lovely granddaughter, Charlotte.
 We all went to Oxfordshire on Saturday to see Millie and her Mum and Dad. The two little cousins had a good time but we saw glimpses of mischief to come! My son has posted some photos and video on Charlotte's blog so those of you who can access it will see  just what I mean.

Now I'm back in Devon, catching up with the housework and working my way through all the blog posts I've missed while away. I will be thinking of some way of marking the fourth birthday of Random Distractions later in the week so watch this space.


  1. Hi, Maureen. You were missed. It sounds as if you had an excellent time. Our family loves travelling by train, but of course the best part of it is spending time with those you love. I will definitely visit your niece's blog. Welcome home.

  2. How nice to have you back! Glad the journeys went pretty well...I have distant memories of a long journey in a crowded guards van long ago...
    if I email nicely could I show my kids your Grandkids..they love toddlers

  3. I love the English countryside.
    Especially the little villages and the fact that you can't walk more than five minutes in any direction without finding one (I know a slight exaggeration.)
    I've never been to the Pennines though, you've whet my appetite.


    Publish or Perish

  4. Jodi
    Thank you, although I would have loved to spend more time with my various family members, it was good to get home. I'll be off again soon, though, for a very exciting reason - more anon!

  5. Al
    I hadn't visited that area before and I must say I can't wait to go there on a walking holiday. The pubs are great, too!

  6. Val
    send me your email to and I'll get my son to invite you to view Charlotte's Progress. He doesn't want pictures of her on general view (very understandable!) but he welcomes my friends to the personal blog.

  7. Welcome home, although in a way you have never been away from home being as you were with your lovely families. I have already discovered 'Lassy from Lancashire'; recognized her picture among your 'followers', and popped over to check it out. Most interesting!

  8. I'm going to try commenting again, M, as my original one has vanished into cyberspace . . . anyway, so glad to hear you enjoyed your trip. Next week's lunch had better be a bit of a celebration then - four years of Random Distractions. Perhaps we should have cake. Then we can do it all over again on 60 going on's fourth anniversary a little later in the year, with more cake.

    (Have just hopped over to your niece's blog - highly enjoyable and I've signed up!)

  9. Crinny
    Everyone up North asked after you but wouldn't believe that you have grown older as the same rate as me. They think you are still 21!

  10. D
    I don't know what is happening with disappearing emails and comments. Thanks for giving it a second chance. You've twisted my arm - I'll bring cake next week and we can reluctantly eat it for the sake of celebration!

  11. Monix, your train journey to see relatives sounds delightful, and now you have inspired Lassy to start a blog too. Good work!

  12. Can't wait to hear all about your exciting reason!


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