Monday, February 15, 2010

Off I go again

I have hardly had time to unpack my case and do the laundry from my Lancashire trip before packing it again for my next spell of visiting. On Wednesday I leave for an indefinite period in Oxfordshire, visiting my daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter - the lovely Millie.

Millie, (Amelia Catherine) looked like this in March 2008:
Look at her now......
 March 10th will be Millie's second birthday.

I'll be there in good time to help to prepare the birthday celebrations and to look after her about a week later when mummy goes into hospital to produce Millie's baby brother or sister. That's the exciting news I've been keeping to myself for a long time.

The sewing machine and knitting needles have been very busy in recent weeks and three grandchildren will probably ensure they are fully employed for years to come. A neighbour who called in a few days ago and found me surrounded by little quilts, nappy stackers, baby and toddler knits and doll's clothes, suggested that I should make some to sell. My hysterical laughter brought her to her senses. I haven't even had time to take photos of the latest projects.

I'm going to be away from home for about 6 weeks but I will have my laptop and I hope to find opportunities to switch it on. Don't forget to let me know if you want to enter the book draw, I am sure that Millie will enjoy picking out the winning name.


  1. Millie really is adorable. Safe trip and safe delivery of the newest adorable one.

  2. O Maureen, how exciting! Our best wishes go out to you and your family for a safe delivery and a wonderful time of celebration.

    Hello, and happy birthday, Millie dear. My name is J-O-D-I. (Shameless, I know...)

  3. What an exciting time.
    My mum was closely involved with the arrival of all of my daughters and it is very special for all involved.
    All the best!

  4. Lovely photographs and wonderful news! Hope everything goes smoothly and safely.
    You'll have forgotten what your house looks like...

  5. How excellent is that!
    Have a wonderful time!!!!

  6. Give my love to all. I still cant get over how much Millie looks like her mum did at the same age. Although I notice the "last of the Mohicans" look is missing from little M :-)

    Can you email me their address please? I think that Millie may like to read all about "The Troggly Bogs of Brinscall Moor" so Im going to try and get hold of a copy of the book and mail it down in time for her birthday x

  7. Will be thinking of you all and am sending bucketloads of good wishes. See you in due course for the promised weekend!

  8. Thanks for all your good wishes - I'll be sure to pass them on to Tanith.

    erp - Millie can now join in when I read the What! Cried Granny book you sent her. I'm looking forward to a lot of fun with her.

    Jodi - I'll be sure to teach her your name!

    Al - I'm going to have to find time to explore your blog more. I hope there are pictures of all your girls - just how many do you have? My mother wasn't able to be with me when my children were born and I know how much I missed her, so it is important for me to be with my daughter now.

    Rattling On - I think I had better take some photos of the house. Heaven knows what it will look like with my husband in charge for 5 or 6 weeks.

    Val - it is exciting and I'll post pictures as soon as i can. I hope my son sent you an invitation to see Charlotte's photos, I passed on your email.

    Jaki - I'll enjoy reading the book even if Millie isn't ready for it yet. I think the Mohican hairstyle could still develop!

    D - thanks. I'll toot my horn as i pass the turning to your house tomorrow morning. What a lot of catching up we'll have to do when I get back.

  9. Got it! Many Thanks
    you'll have great fun!!!

  10. These are beautiful pictures. Sprollie M is right; Millie is spookily like her mum at the same age. Enjoy your time with her.

  11. Hrllo Maureen
    You will be having the time of your life by now
    Hope all goes well with the festivities and the birth. Enjoy the family and all thats involved

  12. Hi Muareen - well done on your blog's longevity and sorry I missed your 'big day'as I've been on travels of my own. Hope the next big event goes smoothly and you enjoy your family visit.

  13. Hope you have a great party for Millie's 2nd birthday. Looking forward to your next update, lots to tell us about!!


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