Sunday, December 27, 2009

Boxing Day on the beach

Christmas Day was an unusually quiet affair in our house with just my husband, his mother and me. Our real festive time begins later today when Mr, Mrs and Miss Brit arrive from Bristol and Millie and her Mummy and Daddy arrive from Oxford. At present they are all stuck in traffic on the motorway, leaving me with a few minutes to post some pictures.

Boxing Day was a perfect day for a stroll on the beach. My dear friend D came over from her icy valley to share some festive food, sunshine and conversation. We went to Crow Beach, one of the local beaches that I haven't written about before because we like to keep it secret but I'll share it with you as it is Christmas! D has posted some of the great pictures she took over here.

Crow Point and beach are on the estuary of the Taw and Torridge rivers, at the edge of Braunton marshes.

Across the water is Instow

D's handsome Edinburgh Boy was quite happy with the sand and sea until he spotted the wreck

Excellent sniffing ground!

And what could be better than finding a wreck to explore?

Finding another one. At first, D and I thought we might be able to head off to a life of adventure on the high seas in this one but a closer inspection of the interior suggested that would be unwise...

The family arrived before I finished writing this post so  I'm just going to click on Publish Post without editing or completing it.  Tomorrow we are all going further round the coast to Morwenstow. More pictures to follow.


  1. lovely snaps..that beach looks great

  2. It was a good walk, wasn't it, M? Am carrying the memory of sunshine with me as the ice has remained here in this part of Devon.

    I've remembered the name of the Morwenstow clergyman. It was the wonderfully eccentric and opium-smoking, Parson Hawker, who was given to wearing fancy dress and excommunicating his cat for mousing on Sundays. More details here:

    Enjoy your time with the family and please apologise to Milly for the fact that, thanks to the Edinburgh Boy, there are fewer gingerbread men on the tree than there should be . . .

  3. Lovely pictures, and lovely blue skies. Beaches are better in winter, I think.

  4. Beautiful photos, Maureen! Our Boxing Day (known only as the "Day After Christmas" here- we are so boring!) was spent with my husband's family, minus my husband as he was working. We chatted, ate dinner and then played what dh's family calls Dirty Santa. It's horrible. I would much rather have been strolling on a lovely beach and finding shipwrecks.

  5. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos. I still return to the area for holidays and have many happy memories of Instow, Appledore, Westward Ho, Bideford etc so it's lovely to see pix again. And thank you for posting the Aled Jones YouTube clip - I haven't heard welsh spoken since my dad died over 15 years ago and I sat here happily crying while listening to Aled's beautiful voice! Thanks

  6. Thank you all for your comments, I am so glad that you enjoyed the pictures.

    Welcome Sian, sorry the Aled Jones brought tears, I hope they were accompanied by some happy memories.

    Karin, my family have now been set the task of deciding what the rules of your Dirty Santa game might be!

  7. You have my sympathies, Maureen. This one I found seems to be a more appropriate game for Christmas. Unless your family likes their gift-giving to be a bit on the cut-throat side. lol


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