Sunday, December 20, 2009

Angel Gabriel

We had our Advent service of readings and carols this evening and I am pleased to report that my voice held out for my part in it. I am often asked to read in church and at other public functions; I can't sing, dance, play an instrument or act but I do speak quite clearly, probably because of my years of teaching deaf children.

My acting career began and ended around my seventh birthday, when I was chosen to be the Angel Gabriel in the school Nativity play.

Children in the last class of the infant school performed the Nativity every year, with a younger brother or sister playing the baby Jesus. The costumes and staging were carefully packed away and brought out every December; here is my brother wearing the same Joseph costume five years later:

I don't know how they managed it but it seems to me that they used the same baby!

I came across this version of the Angel Gabriel carol on YouTube. It is Aled Jones singing in Welsh, something I'm sure few of us have ever heard. I think it is rather lovely.


  1. I'm delighted your voice was up to the task and the children in the pictures really do look like angels. Merry Christmas to you and your wonderful family.

  2. The YouTube video was a joy to listen to, as a nice break in cruising the blogosphere.

  3. Thank you, erp, I'll pass on your greetings to the family. As for the angelic look in the picture, my mother always said that photo of me as Gabriel proved that the camera can lie!
    Very best wishes to you and Mr P for Christmas and the New Year.

  4. Terra
    I am glad that you liked the video. I hope that your preparations are all nearing completion and that you have a joyous Christmas.

  5. Love the old photos! Thanks for Aled, he's singing one of my favourites. My Grandma spoke Welsh as a first language and I grew up listening to it.

  6. Rattling On, It's a good time of year for reminiscing, isn't it? I'm glad that my ramblings triggered memories for you.

  7. Adorable pictures Maureen. Thank you for sharing and I am so glad you're feeling better.

  8. We must have had nativity plays at at either my infant or junior school but I have absolutely no recollection of them. Oh dear . . . but I can remember standing at the lectern and being required to read in a loud, clear voice: "The people who walked in darkness . . . " And that was probably the last time, come to think of it.

    See you on Boxing Day, ice permitting! (Just managed to pull the car out of an almighty skid on the South Molton road today. Scary stuff.)

  9. D, I don't think I would remember being in the play if we hadn't had photographs.

    I am very glad to hear that you avoided the skid! Take care. The weather is supposed to be improving but bring your toothbrush in case you get stranded or decide to have a glass or two of good cheer.

  10. Wow. Monix! A blast from the past. How are you and your family doing. Things here in Florida moving along nicely.

    1. Hello, e. Life is very complicated here at present. I hope to be able to communicate some of it soon. I don't get time for blogging but think of all my old friends often.

  11. Looking forward to hearing all about it.


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