Sunday, October 18, 2009

Beside the seaside

We had some really good weather while baby Charlotte was visiting, so we introduced her to the seaside.
Day 1. Basic vocabulary




"And that," said Mummy and Daddy, "is the sea."

Charlotte made such good progress in her lesson at Croyde Bay that next day we ventured a little further:
Day 2. Advanced concepts

great tourist attraction

 great seaside tradition

great seaside nuisance

On her next visit, Charlotte will learn about boats and angling and later on we'll tackle farming and wildlife in the region.

(Charlotte's photos appear on her own blog. My son is happy to send invitations to any of my online friends to view them - just send me an email address to


  1. Pretty extensive first lesson!

  2. She's very alert, e! You can see her reactions on her own blog.

  3. Thank you, Val. You can't take the teacher out of the grandma!

  4. Beautiful seaside-photografs and I love fish and chips.


  5. There's nothing like a child prodigy for keeping you on your toes.
    Fish and chips taste so much better at the seaside, why is that?

  6. Yes, fish and chips should only be eaten at the seaside. They just don't taste the same indoors or from a plate.

  7. looks like you had a wonderful time.Fish and chips at the seaside,now that is something I'd love to try!


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