Monday, September 14, 2009

Lavenders blue, diddle, diddle

I had been planning to visit the lavender farm for many weeks but the rare sunny days did not coincide with my free time until Thursday of last week. Off I went, only to find that the lavender had been harvested just two days earlier! Such is life.

There were rows of perfectly pruned lavender plants in the most idyllic setting. The peace of the idyllic setting was disturbed only by vivid purple and lavender painted walls.
Everyone at the farm was friendly and helpful, answering all my questions about growing and cooking with lavender. I shall certainly go back next year before the lavender is cut. If you would like a virtual tour of Cheristow Lavender Farm, I must warn you that the website, like the walls, is rather strident bright.

I was too late to see the plants but the teashop was open.......
 and what could be more appropriate than a lavender scone, served with strawberry and lavender preserve and, of course, a lavender coloured napkin?


  1. Maureen,
    This sounds like a lovely place to visit! Not to mention the perfect ending - at least I assume that you walked around first and had tea before going back home...

  2. Margaretha,
    Indeed we did walk round and enjoyed the views before having tea and looking at all the lovely lavender-themed goods in the shop. I bought a pot of the strawberry and lavender preserve and will try to make some scones to rival the one I had there. Unfortunately, scones are not my forte - mine never rise to those dizzy heights!

  3. m. here we call the delicious confection pictured above, biscuits. They are my very favorite of all things to eat and even when I was a cooking fool, I never could get them to look like the ones in your photo.

    Our scones look like this. They are a lot easier to make and are my second most favorite things to eat.

  4. We say 'Lavender's blue, dilly dilly...' and that takes me right back to Infant's school and the summer play. I don't remember much except we dressed up and sang that song. I wore a mop cap and knickerbockers. Duncan Boote was the glamourous King in a cloak and cape. Those were the days.
    We often go to a particular lavendar farm in France to get their lavender oil. Good for many ailments.
    Love the new blog banner.

  5. erp
    That language difference again! Our biscuits are your cookies, your biscuits are our scones. All pretty delicious whatever er call them.

  6. Rattling On
    We said dilly dilly in Lancashire but diddle diddle in other places I've lived.

    I think you should post a picture of yourself in that fetching mop cap and knickerbocker outfit!

    The current banner picture is the lavender garden at Buckfast Abbey.


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