Monday, September 21, 2009

Artist in training

When Amelia (aka Millie) last came to stay, she whiled away the rainy days with paper, paint and brush.

Back home in London, she used her talents to great effect in a Paint-a-Pot studio and brought her masterpiece down at the weekend. It will take pride of place in our pig collection. Behold: Lavender Pig by Amelia Catherine

Some say he is even more handsome in profile .......


  1. Great pictures! I've always been a believer in letting children experiment with art supplies as early as possible. The rewards for them and you far outweigh the messes that need to be cleaned up after. :)

  2. Great concentration. At this rate, you'll need bigger, not smaller digs. How quickly they go from baby to toddler to little girl to pre-teen,

  3. Jodi
    I've always enjoyed the messy play. Fortunately I am not too houseproud!

  4. erp
    Is that your granddaughter who lives in Europe? What a beauty. It must be very difficult to live so far from her.

  5. Nan
    I try to suppress my grandmotherly pride but then why? Yes, she is a doll!

  6. Love the pig!
    A friend and I are taking our daughters on one of these days in a couple of weeks. I am looking forward to it the most, and have great plans!

  7. No, The French granddaughter is 17 and quite the young lady. This one is only 12 and lives in Connecticut. We just heard she broke her nose playing soccer! I guess we should be glad they don't let girls play football.

    See what you have to look forward to.

    Nan, why suppress your grandmotherly pride. We earned the bragging rights.

  8. Hmmm...that's a considerably more talented effort than I could ever have achieved. I wonder if she's available to come and decorate our house.

  9. Rattling On
    My daughter had great fun and is planning to produce some more works of great art. I hope you will post photos of your visit.

  10. erp
    I hope the broken nose heals without a trace. Thanks for the picture of your French granddaughter - another beauty!

  11. Martpol
    If you can live with purple, orange and green, Millie will be right over.


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