Thursday, September 03, 2009

Accepting graciously

My thanks to Rattling On for nominating me for a Kreativ Blogger award. She shamed me out of my initial Grumpy Old Woman response (included in dear friend D's first paragraph here) by reminding me that it is ungracious to deny people the opportunity to express their appreciation. 
One of the down sides of sharing the breakfast table with a mathematician is that you learn the consequence of asking 7 people to nominate 7 people, who in turn nominate 7 people before you have even buttered your toast. But Rattling On is right, these awards are just a nice way to let people know you like what they say and/or the way that they say it.
So now I have to nominate seven bloggers. I am trying very hard to overcome my fear of offending anyone, either by leaving them out or by having the audacity to think they would be pleased by such a nomination - tremble, tremble, here goes:
  1. Carolyn, who writes the fascinating blog The House on Caroline Street about the people and events of Fredericksburg, Virginia during the American Civil War. Carolyn really makes the history come alive. She has introduced me to a number of American writers, including Ellen Glasgow and shares a lot of her specialist knowledge as a Librarian on her other blog The Corner of the Library, where you will find lots of beautiful bookmarks to download.
  2. Cath, a fellow Devon blogger, whose blog Read Warbler is full of really well written book reviews as well as beautiful photographs of places she visits and her delightful grandson.
  3. Dulce Domum, who is a great deal younger than I am but a girl after my own heart. Her posts on family life, traditional values and crafts, domestic issues, cookery, relationships, social responsibilities and all manner of things are required reading for me. She also has a jolly good selection of music to listen to as you read Bread and Roses. 
  4. Novelist Susie Vereker takes wonderful photographs and writes really interesting accounts of her travels. She also shares her inside knowledge of the world of the novelist as well as reviewing a wide range of other people's literary works. Some great recipes, too.
  5. Madrekarin writes a most entertaining and informative blog. She inspires me in many ways - from how to keep cheerful when life gets difficult to trying new techniques in quilting. One Perfect Little Miracle is a really creative blog.
  6. Erasmus the Alaskan Cat belongs to Val, a Shropshire lass who now lives in Alaska. I love reading about the country and Val's children. She isn't a prolific blogger but when a post appears it is really worth dashing over to read it.
  7. One of the funniest bloggers that I visit is Cathy. She writes about "anything and everything in the foothills of the Dandenongs" and turns every potential disaster into a caper. She never fails to make me feel better about life. 
These are The Rules if you would like to take part, but I don't think you will come to any harm if you decline.
  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Copy the logo to your blog (or at least into the acceptance post...).
  3. Link to the person who nominated you.
  4. List 7 thing about yourself people may find interesting.
  5. Make your own 7 Nominations.
  6. Post links to those 7.
  7. Leave them all a comment to let them know you nominated them.

 Now what can I say about myself that might be of interest? While seven seemed quite a small number when having to select creative bloggers, it has taken on mammoth proportions when applied to interesting things about me!
  • The cottage we lived in when I was very small had no electricity. We had gaslights and my sister and I used to go to the village shop to buy fragile gas mantles. We were so afraid of damaging them that we pretended we were carrying fairies balanced on our hands.
  • When I was eight years old, I injured my hand badly at school and I was rushed to hospital on the back of a teacher's Harley Davidson. I was the envy of the whole school.
  • One summer vacation, I worked in a glass factory, painting gold rims on Babycham glasses. I was locked in a small room to work with the gold leaf and for breaks and at the end of the day, had to strip off my overall and pass it to the security guard before being given back my own clothes.
  • My training as a Teacher of the Deaf included observing ear surgery. For several weeks I never got beyond scrubbing up before the sights and smells of the equipment made me faint. The surgeon got so fed up that he signed off my certificate of attendance without my ever seeing an incision.
  • I had my first date with my husband on 10 February 1973 and we married on 16 April 1973. We have spent 36 years trying to get to know each other!
  • I used to spend Tuesday afternoons in a prison for domestic murderers, teaching one inmate to lip-read.
  • My guide book on language development is now included in standard information packs for primary schools in Devon. (I don't get any royalties)


  1. Those are pretty damn interesting - why didn't you tell me any of this before? (actually I didn't know about the fainting and had forgotten about some of the others.)

  2. Gosh how kind!Thank you very much...I found your 7 interesting things quite fascinating (I love the operation story lol)and now I'm now going to have to ponder for a while seven interesting things....errrr

  3. Maureen, you could have been a politician.

  4. Brit
    I dare say you were too busy with your own life to pay attention to my stories. I never admitted to the fainting before, in case I was booted out of the National College of ToDs for failing to complete the course. Now I am retired, I don't care!

  5. Rattling On
    I'm not sure how to take that in the current climate!

  6. Val
    I look forward to reading your 7 facts.

  7. m. an earlier comment disappeared although it showed when I clicked out????

    It said, Congratulations on a well-deserved honor.

    Re: fainting at the sight of an operation.

    I keeled right over in a class watching a film of an operation. Luckily I wasn't looking for a career in medicine. The teacher also took pity and I wasn't penalized.

    PS: Why no more picture icons of commenters?

  8. I did comment about two hours ago but nothing has appeared. Anyway, I feel greatly honoured that my blog has been selected by you. Thank you very much, Monix. As I said, I have now discovered we have something else in common. I met my husband on 10 Feb 1967 and we were married on 8 April 1967, so I beat your record by a week. I was a child bride, of course.

  9. Maureen, I was merely referring to the adept use of a little flannel! If you feel you have to come clean on how you've fiddled the housekeeping for years, well-that's another meme entirely.

  10. Oh, my! Thank you very much, Maureen, for the award and the kind words. Oh, and the links to some fabulous new-to-me blogs! I enjoyed reading your seven things. Gee, I'm glad I didn't have to observe an operation to become a mom of the deaf. I would have failed miserably!!!

  11. erp and Susie
    I don't know what has gone wrong with the comments. I didn't receive your earlier ones in my email inbox. I don't know why the icons don't appear, either. I am not sure that I like this new format at all.

    Susie, I can't believe that our meeting to wedding dates are so similar! As you were a child bride in '67 and I was considered 'past it' in '73, I suspect we are probably of the same vintage.

    e, I can't watch even operations in movies.

  12. Rattling On
    I guessed you were referring to the skills developed through years of report writing! Now the housekeeping fiddles are something I'm not ready to go public on just yet!

  13. Karin
    If we had to go through any kind of training to be a mom, I think there would be a huge slump in the world's population.

    I think the links to blogs will introduce us all to lots of new ones. It is going to interesting.

  14. Thank you so much for my blog award, M. I feel chuffed to bits as I'm one that rarely wins anything. I'll give some thought as to whether to participate as I tend to feel a bit awkward about singling people out and saying they're better than others. Silly I know but I hate to make nice people feel they haven't come up to scratch. But thank you anyway - I do appreciate the gesture very much indeed.

  15. Cath
    Why not just put the award on your sidebar and forget the Rules - I don't know who made them anyway!

  16. Goodness M, that Babycham job beats my Woolworths one; at least we were never checked for hidden sweeties . . . but, obviously, intellectually challenging work of this kind clearly helped to make us into the women we are today! Look forward to swapping some more fascinating facts with you when we get together later in the month.

  17. D, My stint on the soap and cosmetics counter in Woolworths looked too mundane after reading about your sweeties. As you say, these things made us into the women we are today .. ha ha. I'm really looking forward to swapping more stories.

  18. Hi Monix
    I'm back from Iberia and am graciously accepting your award!

    Thank you for saying all of those nice things about me, particularly the bit about my taste in music!

    BTW. You're interesting things are very interesting, I think I'll have to make some up to play along properly.

  19. I look forward to reading your interesting facts, Dulce Domum. I'm sure you won't have to think too hard or make them up!


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