Monday, August 24, 2009

In-car entertainment

What do you do on a long car journey when you are 17 months old? Well, you totally ignore toys and books that Grandma thought would entertain you and who wants to look out the window for cows all the way to Devon?Toes are much more interesting.

This looks quite promising, too.

Always read the label carefully.

What can be better than a bottle of water? Two bottles of water!

You can play lots of balancing games with them.

And when that gets boring, you can take over the driver's seat.

Out you get, we've arrived.
Ten days of Millie fun coming up!


  1. Looks like you'll have your hands full for a while! It's such a lovely age, though, when they're just finding out about everything.

  2. Great photos of a beautiful little girl!

  3. Have fun, M. And see you in Devon when the chicks have flown again!

  4. Thank you all for your comments. Every minute is packed with activity here at present so I hope you will forgive a general response.

    When I was trying to catch my breath this afternoon, I found myself wondering how on earth I survived two active toddlers of my own. Then I remembered I was 30 years younger then!

    I'm getting out the paints, sand and water play tomorrow, all things we can do in one place with perhaps even a chair for Grandma! The balls, trucks, push-alongs and all other energy demanding items have been hidden until I get my strength back.

    Oh but it is fun.

  5. My granddaughter and I had lots of fun with letter blocks and before long she knew many of the letters before she could even say them. It also has the advantage of being a sitting down activity.

  6. Belated congrats on new babe (and new iron!) Looks as if you will have lots of exhausting fun with Millie.

  7. Love the impish humour of the captions! Good pix, too.

  8. Just snatching a moment to say thank you for the comments. Millie goes back to London on Tuesday, so I'll be back with more photos and possibly even a few more words!

  9. Lovely photos, M. Children get fascinated by the most bizarre things and it's hardly ever expensive toys. My grandson loves a vase of different coloured glass beads we keep in the conservatory, and all he wants to do is take them out, sort them into colours and then put them back again. I used to have similar fun with my gran's button tin. And he's now learning to talk so our long journeys tend to consist of a running commentary of all the different modes of transport he can spot. Funny how our grandaughter was always more interested in the cows and sheep. You have all these joys to come...

  10. It really is great to be a grandma isn't it, Cath. All the fun without the responsibility!


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