Saturday, July 04, 2009

Great table

I've had very little time for visiting blogs or for writing recently as I am in the last frantic stages of preparing for the summer camps. I have decided that this year's will be my last and I am hoping that someone with more energy than I now possess will come forward to take them on. There's not much to it really - just about 30 hours a week for 5 months of the year, without pay. I'd better take cover before I get trampled in the rush!
I had to go to Buckfast Abbey on Wednesday to check out some details for the camps with the Warden, who is really helpful and supportive. It was a lovely day so I arrived early and wandered around the lovely lavender garden.

One of the impressive rooms that we use is the mediaeval Guest Hall. The Warden told me to be sure to go and look at the changes that had been made in there since last year, as they might affect my plans. "We've put in a great table," was his nonchalant remark.

Hmm. I think our plans might need just a little adjustment, although it looks like a terrific place for a party. I think we could seat all 50 youngsters around it with room to spare. I have a lovely Irish linen cloth that might cover it, too. My sister ordered a beautiful cloth from Dublin for my 30th wedding anniversary a few years ago; unfortunately she wrote 6 yards instead of 6 feet and I've never had the heart to cut it. It will be a great thrill to use it at last.


  1. I like the tablecloth tale. I once made a beanbag and made it in inches, the pattern was actually in centimetres. It was, er, largish and took an incredible amount of filling.

  2. I hope you'll post pictures of the long table set with your tablecloth.

    I have a funny story about measurements too. We were in an open air market in Alicante Spain. Everything looked fabulous and I couldn't resist, especially the dried fruit and nuts. My husband was coming up the rear paying for stuff while I went along buying stuff in two kilo lots thinking a kilo was approximately half a pound when everyone, even my husband, knows it's 2.2 lbs.

    Finally, he tapped my shoulder and said he couldn't carry any more and I should stop so he could get a basket or something. I was stunned when I turned around. He was lost under bags of every shape and material.

    When we got to England two weeks later we still had some almonds and figs left.

  3. The thought of 50 youngsters sitting around that beautiful table fills me with horror! (The name of my blog is a complete coincidence!)

  4. AMK Table,
    Thanks for dropping by. Don't worry about the ancient table, I bet it has witnessed far more unruly parties than my little band will be allowed to have.

    Your husband sounds like a saint, carrying all those bags. Didn't he learn his lesson when he had to collect all your shoes when you got married?

    That's the kind of mistake I make all the time. I suppose if we had made a complete change to the metric system as we did with money, we would all be used to it now. But life would be less interesting!

  5. Yes, he is a saint and cute too.

  6. The garden is just beautiful. The table is fantastic, and I love, love the cloth story.

  7. The lavender at Buckfast is looking wonderful! Time to pop down there again perhaps.

  8. It is gorgeous, Cath. The other gardens are looking superb as well.

    Have you ever been to the lavender farm at Hartland? I picked up a leaflet about it recently and thought I might drive over there one day.

  9. Time to go again then I think - we were last there in October and took a visiting American friend. I loved the serenity of the place and so did she.

    No, Maureen... I didn't even know there *was* a lavender farm at Hartland. Must mention that to my husband as we were talking about picking up some lavender plants for the garden.

  10. Cath
    It is called Cheristow Lavender and is on the road to Hartland Abbey. It is open 11am to 6pm daily from Easter to 31 October. Website
    If you visit before I do, I hope you'll post some photos.


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